Meet A.J.

“Lonestar Farms Envy Of My Friends”

Little boys don’t get any better than this. Super coated, square build, white teacup schnauzer weighs in at 7 lbs. AJ is considered a teacup sized male.

A.J. has now began siring litters and is producing some amazing puppies! Stay tuned as we’ll have more to come soon.

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White Miniature Schnauzer Movie

…And Some Pics of A.J.

A.J. Teacup Schnauzer Boy

White Teacup Schnauzer

Below: A.J. before his ear cropping

A.J. Teacup Schnauzer

Some of A.J.’s Puppies:

Check out these gorgeous babies! The Liver/tan male and the liver colored female are just an example of the quality puppies that AJ is producing. He is just getting started in his breeding career and has already produced some awesome “super coated” puppies in deep dark Liver and parti colors. Why settle for anything less, than the best. He lives up to his name and is truly the “Envy of My Friends”

A.J. Dixie Miniature Schnauzer White Puppy        AJ Mini Schnauzer Puppy

AJ White Mini Schnauzer Puppies
AJ Schnauzer Puppies


Below: Hannah / AJ Puppies

AJ Hannah Puppy     AJ Hannah Puppy 2     AJ Hannah Puppy 3

…and below, a very nice Barbie / AJ puppy.

white mini schnauzer puppy


A.J.’s Pedigree

AJ Miniature Schnauzer Pedigree