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About Our Miniature Schnauzers

Scroll down for facts and information about the miniature schnauzer. First, a little bit about our miniature, toy and teacup schnauzers and what you can expect from Lonestar Farms.

  • We offer healthy, adorable Schnauzer puppies that are home-raised with lots of love and individual attention.
  • Toy Schnauzer PuppyLonestar Farms offers an amazing TEN YEAR health guarantee against life threatening genetic defects. That’s right! A full two year guarantee against any genetic defects, including liver shunts (Portal Caval Shunts). Plus, we increase it to three full years if you use Nuvet Vitamins from the link on the left. No other breeder offers such a guarantee. That’s how committed we are to providing the highest quality miniature and toy schnauzers to our customers and maintaining our reputation as one of the finest miniature schnauzer breeders in the country…guaranteed.
  • Upon leaving Lonestar Farms your new baby will be professionally groomed and will have received it’s first set of inoculations. He/she will have been wormed, tail docked and dew-claws removed. Ears will be floppy (sorry, no ear trimming offered).
  • APPOINTMENTS: We love to show people our dogs, puppies and state of the art kennel, but due the number of puppies leaving, everyone must make appointments for a visit. NO DROP INS PLEASE!!! It is important for me to spend time with each person/family when they pick their puppy up or when they are visiting for a future puppy. If you have an appointment time, try to be there as close to it as possible. Appointments are necessary and if you show early or late, you may end up having to wait. Thank you for your cooperation.


You will also receive: official AKC registration, complete vet check and documentation on vet check, as well as documentation on all wormings, shots, etc., first heartworm preventative, NuVet Information and samples. Blue Buffalo “Chicken and brown rice” puppy food.

More About Miniature Schnauzers

Some facts about the miniature schnauzer breed:

  • The miniature schnauzer does not shed its coat and is hypoallergenic. They do require regular grooming.
  • Mini schnauzers are very intelligent and are great with children and the elderly. They are easily trainable.
  • Miniature schnauzers do not tend to wander from their home.
  • The breed is generally docile but has a great natural protective instinct. They make very good watchdogs.
  • Miniature schnauzers, unlike other terrier breeds, do not like to dig.

Most of all, miniature schnauzers are beautiful, endearing dogs that are loving and loyal, making them ideal pets for families of all types.

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