AKC Inspections

Official AKC Inspection Reports
for Lonestar Farms

Inspector says, “WOW, no doggie smell!”

Inside Our KennelThis is the inside of our kennel, complete with little doggie bedrooms, that are air conditioned and heated for the comfort of our pets and puppies.

Everyone is free to go out their doggie door onto a 4X10 or 5X10 COVERED area. All are excercised 3 times daily in our HUGE play area.

Most of our puppies are born in our house and will be closely watched for the first 3 weeks of age. They are picked up, talked to and loved from day one.

Once our babies make it to the kennel area, we continue this loving process, so that when its time for you to pick your baby up, it will be so well socialized and will, “LOVE PEOPLE”.

House training is made easy, since all puppies leaving already use the doggie door and know they are to do their business outside. Its just a matter of teaching them where your door is!

AKC Inspection Reports and Certificates Below…

Latest Inspection Certificate – March 2012:

AKC Inspection Certificate

Inspection Certificate – December 2008

AKC Inspection 2008

3 Page AKCĀ Compliance ReportĀ – March 2006

AKC Compliance Report
AKC Compliance Report 2
AKC Compliance Report 3