Meet Alex!

“Lonestar Farms Black Tie Affair”

Alex’s registered name is “Lonestar Farms Black Tie Affair.” Alex is already producing some amazing supercoated babies in all colors.

Alex is black & silver (Phantom) and carries for ALL colors including Chocolate and Parti. He has TONS of coat and a SUPER personality. Alex is a toy sized male and weighs 7 lbs.

Click on the pictures below for larger images.


Some older pictures of Alex:

Alex - Black and Silver Stud

Alex - Black and Silver Stud 2

Alex - Black and Silver Stud 3

Alex - Black and Silver Stud 4

Below: Alex as a teenager

Alex as a Teen Miniature Schnauzer Puppy


Alex Teenage Puppy

Alex Teenage Puppy 2

Below: Alex as a puppy!

Black and Silver Miniature Schnauzer Puppy

Some of Alex’s Puppies:

Alex Puppy 1      Alex Puppy 2    

Alex Puppy 3

Below: Micki / Alex Puppies

Alex Puppy Alex Puppy  Alex Puppy Alex Puppy

Alex’s Pedigree