Meet Alexander!

“Lonestar Farms Black Tie Affair”

This is Alexander. Gorgeous SUPER coated 7 lb Silver TOY schnauzer boy. His parents are Lonestar Farms Fancy Fringe (Gretchen) and Music Maker’s Puff Daddy (Pooh Bear). Alexander joined the crew in August 2007. Pedigree and more to come on this handsome guy soon.

Note: Alexander was adopted by Jeanne and Gary in Medford. Here are two email excerpts that Jeanne sent to us shortly after he arrived…

“Alexander arrived safely in Medford. Gary went with me to pick him up. He is so precious. He slept in my arms all the way home ( one hour drive) By the time we got home he knew everything will be good. We already love him. He ate good and drank a lot of water and peed on every bush in the back yard. We couldn’t be happier.THANKS YOU SO MUCH. Jeanne”

“Alexander slept in my arms all night. We have television in our bedroom. He watched t.v. with me and kept growling at the t.v.He is my little shadow, wherever I go, there he is. We think he is PERFECT. He is on my lap now. We couldn’t be happier. Best regards. Jeanne”

Click on the pictures below for larger images.

Alexander Silver Male Mini Schnauzer

Alexander Silver Male Mini Schnauzer 2

Alex’s Pedigree and More Coming Soon…


5 Replies to “Alexander – Lonestar Farms’ Silver Boy”

  1. Hi Julio,

    Please go to the Contact Us page and send a message from there. Or call me at 936-714-2273.


  2. Kathrine,

    We have been in contact before.

    I have 10yr old mini 19 lb female and would like to adopt a young adult 10 to 17 lbs.

    Please advise availability to include Tamps location. I live in FT> Lauderdale FL.

    Thank you

  3. Alexander is a cutie, I am not interested in pedigree, just want a little friend. Is he still available? I live in Washington state.

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