Meet Amber!

Lonestar Farms Liver/Tan Girl
Amber is retired and has been adopted!

AMBER is Liver & Tan colored, weighs 10 lbs and has produced some fine quality supercoated Schnauzers, like Levi and Huckleberry. Amber is sweet and very good natured. Her babies share the same loving personalities.

Click on the pictures below for larger images.


 Amber - Liver Tan Female


Below: Some of Amber’s Beautiful Puppies

Amber Puppy 1

Amber Puppy 2

Amber Puppy 3


4 Replies to “Amber – Lonestar Farms’ Liver & Tan Girl”

  1. Would like more info on Amber. How much is the adoption fee etc…. Looking forward to reply. I have spring break coming next month and would be willing to come visit and pick her up. Thank you…RR

  2. I was wondering how old Amber is and what kind of personality she has. We are desperately seeking an adult mini schnauzer, male or female, and found your babies to be beautiful.

    I was also interested in getting some info about Becka, there doesn’t seem to be anything posted on her page. Thanks.

  3. Hi
    I think Amber seems to be beautiful. I would like to know how old she is because as I was reading other post it seems like people are inquiry about her to breed her again and that doesn’t seem right as she is retiring. I would love to find out more about her to have as pet only. We currently have a schnauzer and I wonder how amber is with other dogs?

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