Breeding Crew

Top Quality Miniature, Toy and Teacup Schnauzer Breeding Crew

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The Boys!

AJ - White Teacup Schnauzer

A.J. – This is AJ, “Lonestar Farms Envy Of My Friends.” Little boys don’t get any better than this. Super coated, square build, white and weighs in at 7lbs. AJ is considered a teacup sized male. He has now began siring litters and is producing some amazing puppies!

Alex - Black & Silver Boy

Alex – Alex’s registered name is “Lonestar Farms Black Tie Affair.” Alex is already producing some amazing supercoated babies in all colors. Alex is black & silver (Phantom) and carries for ALL colors including Chocolate and Parti. He has TONS of coat and a SUPER personality. Alex is a toy sized male and weighs 7 lbs.

Cash - White Male

Cash – Meet Cash or, “Lonestar Farms Show Me The Money.” This gorgeous super coated guy is just what we’ve been waiting for. He was made special, by his parents, Hannah and Champ of Lonestar Farms. He is considered White w/liver points; meaning that his coat is white with brown nose and pads and the most beautiful Hazel colored eyes. He is “Mr. Personality” and so much more. Cash’s mature weight is 8.8 lbs. So far, he has produced white chocolates, liver parti’s and liver/tans with supercoats!

Chester - Liver Parti Boy

Chester – I would like to introduce “Chester”. He is a son of Juliet and AJ. He has beautiful eyes, outgoing personality and a coat to die for. You’ll be seeing more of this guy in the near future. I expect Chester will be in the 7 lb range. More on this guy to come soon.


Clyde – Clyde is the son of London and Jonesy. He is a Liver/tan male with a mega coat. I’m expecting him to finish out at 7 lbs. Exceptional disposition and outgoing personality. We are looking forward to using Clyde in our breeding program.


Eli – “Lonestar Farms No Holds Barred”. This perfect little angel is coming of age for breeding. He is the best of the best and we are very proud to introduce him to you. He is black/silver and only 4.5 lbs. His mother is Brooklyn (5 lb chocolate) and dad is Henry (5 lb black). I’m expecting some very special babies out of our Ely. Pedigree and other pics coming soon.


Gringo – We would like to introduce “Gringo”, son of Amber and Alex. We are expecting him to mature at about 6 lbs. An exceptional little guy who is the center of attention and full of personality. He is considered White Chocolate and supercoated. Click his picture to go to his page and see the picture where he is tugging on my pant legs and check out those beautiful green eyes. Place a deposit and get in line for a little Gringo of your own.

Henry - Black Teacup Boy

Henry – Meet Henry. Handsome supercoated black male. Henry is 4.11 lbs and is a son of Nicki (retired black parti-7 lbs) and Angus (black 6 lbs). He is already producing gorgeous babies. Be watching for more in the near future.

Blue Merle Miniature Schnauzer

Hollister – Meet Hollister, “LoneStar Farms Cauzin A Rukkus.” Hollister is a Blue Merle. He is not AKC registered, nor will any of his puppies be AKC registered. He has his own registry, which all of his puppies will be registered under. It is M.S.C.A. or Merle Schnauzer Club of America. It took a while for this look to grow on me, but I guess it is just like all my clients say. It was his face! Well his coat, too! Everyone that comes to visit us, falls in love with Hollister. Click to find out more…

Javier - Liver Tan Male

Javier – Say hello to, “Javier”. Javier is a gorgeous supercoated Liver & Tan Phantom male. He is a son of our Liza and Alex. You may never find another breeder that has quality puppies like this! Sweet and outgoing personality. We definitely will be matching Liza and Alex up again. More to come on our Javier soon.


Jonesy – Jonesy is our precious dark liver parti supercoated male. A baby produced by Dixie and Paulie. Jonesy is very intelligent and has beautiful green eyes. You’ll see more of this handsome male in the upcoming year. We are looking forward to his awesome babies one day. I am expecting Jonesy to mature at about 6 lbs.

Lincoln - Liver and Tan Male

Lincoln – Another new addition to our breeding crew! Lincoln is a Liver/tan male on the smaller side. Most likely he will make it to about 7 lbs. Lincoln comes from a totally different bloodline. He is really sweet and loves everyone. Lincoln’s mother is a black parti and father is Liver/tan. More to come on this cutie soon. Thanks to Marilyn T at Mini Acres.

Peewee - Liver Tan Teacup

Peewee – “Lonestar Farms Dream Boat Baby” aka Peewee. Sweet teacup sized Liver/tan. He has an enormous coat and is producing some fantastic babies. Peewee is 4 lbs and is the son of Marquis and Eli.

Razor - Liver Tan Miniature Schnauzer

Razor – We want to give a big Texas welcome to LoneStar Farms Raise Your Glass or “RAZOR”. He is a mega coated Liver & Tan male. Sweet natured, playful and super cuddly little guy. Razor’s parents are 6 and 8 lbs. We are expecting him to be just about 7 lbs at maturity. Can’t wait to see his beautiful babies!  More to come on this handsome boy soon. Click on his name to see more.

Shorty - Chocolate Male

Shorty – Meet “Shorty”. He is a Micki/Cash baby in a deep dark liver color. He is mega coated and has finished at 8 lbs. Shorty has a very outgoing personality and is a really sweet. More to come on this handsome boy soon. We are looking forward to his babies in the near future.


Vidal – Meet Vidal. Our supercoated Black & Silver male. He is part of our “new” breeding crew, here at LoneStar Farms. An exceptional male in ever yway. Produced only by the best! See Vidal’s page for more pictures. Pedigree coming soon.


The Girls!


Angel – This is my little “Angel”. She is a flashy Liver & Tan with tons of coat and a super personality. Her parents are Raquel and AJ. We expect her to be in the 6 1/2 to 7 lb range. More to come on this beauty soon.

Brooklyn - Liver Miniature Schnauzer

Brooklyn – Meet “Brooklyn”. Super nice Liver colored female. Brooklyn is supercoated and the most well behaved girl. She has that classy look that turns heads. She is very comical and keeps us laughing all the time. We are hoping that Brooklyn makes it to 7 lbs. She is daughter of Presley/Gringo. More to come on this beauty in the near future.


Chantilly – Meet Chantilly. Another beautiful hand picked girl for our “new” breeding crew line up. Chantilly is Black & Silver in color and finished at 7 1/2 lbs. Beautiful coat and overall awesome girl. Chantilly is daughter of Chanel (retired Platinum silver-10 lbs) and Gringo (white chocolate-6 lbs). We can hardly wait to see her beautiful babies. Be watching!!!!


Cheyenne – Meet Cheyenne. She has a sweet, charming personality and sports a dark, dark black supercoat. Cheyenne is a daughter of Brazil and Henry. She is part of our new breeding crew. We are looking forward to some very dark puppies in the near future. Be watching!

Chloe - White Toy Schnauzer

Chloe – LoneStar Farms Best Of Two Worlds, aka: Chloe. This mild mannered princess is ALL that! Sweet-natured, calm and a coat to die for, this girl never meets a stranger. Chloe is WHITE with Chocolate points. We are looking forward to some sweet babies produced by this exceptional girl.

Dani - Platinum Silver Girl

Dani – This is Dani. She is a beautiful supercoated Platinum silver Miniature sized female. She has lots of personality, is calm and is a real sweetheart. Dani produces gorgeous supercoated babies. Be watching our Puppy for Sale page for future litters and updates on this beautiful girl.



Demi - Chocolate Colored Female

Demi – Take a look at this beautiful girl. Her name is “Demi”. We have hand picked several of our best puppies for our “new” breeding crew. They just don’t get any better than this. Demi has a laid back personality and is super sweet disposition. She was produced by our Indianna and Alex. She is also litter mate to Marquis. More to come


Ebony – Meet LoneStar Farms Giddy Up Glamour Girl, or “Ebony” as we call her. Ebony is a very laid back kind of girl and weighs 5.10 lbs. Hardly ever barks and loves to be cuddled. She is supercoated and a little love bug. Ebony had her first litter of puppies by Jonesy on Oct. 12th, 2013 and all of the puppies were teacup sized.



Salt and Pepper Miniature Schnauzer

Elaina – Meet “LoneStar Farms Captivating My Audience” aka, Elaina. Exquisite young lady shown here during her afternoon romp in the yard. Elaina is a supercoated Salt/Pepper female that is so smart and full of personality. Her favorite thing to do is fetch and sit in my lap. She is a daughter of Jessie and Alex. Granddaughter of Jasmine and Baxter. This salt/pepper color is really hard to find these days since most breeders aren’t breeding for it. So if you love the standard colors, look no more. We are producing the finest around! Elaina should mature at around 8 lbs.

Ella - Salt and Pepper Female

Ella – Meet “LoneStar Farms Curtain Call”, aka; “Ella”. Ella is a pick of the litter puppy out of our “Alex”. Due to our large volume of calls for Salt/Pepper, we have added some fabulous Salt & Pepper females to our breeding crew page. More to come on this beauty in the near future.


Gracie – Meet “LoneStar Farms Passion Play” otherwise known as “Gracie”. Gracie is a daughter of Bella and AJ. She is SUPERCOATED and white with black nose. This very laid back girl steals the hearts of all our visitors here at LoneStar Farms. I own Gracie’s parents and owned her grandparents also. We are known for producing the “BEST QUALITY” white Schnauzers in the country. So don’t hesitate putting your deposit down for a GORGEOUS WHITE SCHNAUZER.


Hosanna – LoneStar Farms Hot Toddy, aka Hosanna. I think it’s about time to show the world my little “Hosanna”. She is deep dark chocolate (liver) and a real head turner. She is super coated and has a sweet, friendly personality. I am expecting Hosanna to be about 7 lbs. Be watching for updates on this beautiful girl.

Isis - White Female Miniature Schnauzer

Ice – Meet our beautiful “ISIS”. She was born to our Sammie Jo and AJ. She has an awesome white supercoat with a brown nose. She is very loving and calm natured. What an asset to our “new” breeding crew. More to come on this beautiful girl soon.

Jessie - Salt and Pepper Female

Jessie – Meet LoneStar Farms Social Butterfly; aka, Jessie. She is a mega coated Salt & Pepper female with that classy look and personality plus. Her dad is “Baxter” and mom “Jasmine”. Click on Jessie’s name to go to her page and see pictures of her and her parents. More to come on this charming little lady soon.

Jilly - platinum silver female

Jilly – Jilly is a beautiful platinum silver female with a flowing mega coat. She is a daughter of Truly and Eli. She is perfect in every way and we are looking forward to her perfect babies one day in the near future. 

Liza - Liver Tan Girl

Liza – We would like to introduce “Liza”. She is a very heavy coated, dark Liver & Tan girl that is full of personality. Liza was a Christmas gift “2008” from my husband, Jeffery. I can’t think of a better gift!!! A big thanks to Emma’s Schnauzers for raising such a wonderful girl. More to come on Liza soon.


Lola – Presenting “LoneStar Farms Can’t Steal My Happy”, aka “Lola”.
Lola is a beautiful supercoated Liver & Tan “phantom”. Her parents are Lolita and Gringo. Lola steals the hearts of many who visit us here. She has an exceptional personality and is a very happy girl. Pedigree and more to come on this beautiful girl soon.

Lolita - Salt and Pepper Female

Lolita – Meet Lolita. This gorgeous supercoated Salt/Pepper girl is exceptional in every way. We have added her and a couple of other Salt/Pepper girls to our breeding crew, due to our high number of calls for standard colored Schnauzers. Even though Lolita carries the chocolate gene, we are hoping for some really nice Salt/Pepper and black babies. Lolita weighs 10 lbs. She is a very sweet, loving girl with an exceptional disposition. More to come on this beauty soon.

London - Liver Tan Girl

London – Meet, “London”. Gorgeous Liver & tan “phantom” supercoated female. London is a Nicki/Gringo baby. She is full of personality and all that everyone would want. Might better put your deposit down on one of our Gringo babies. I am expecting London to reach 7 lbs.

Malibu - Black and Silver Girl

Malibu – Meet “Malibu”. Elegant black & silver “Phantom” with tons of coat. We welcome Miss Malibu to our “new” breeding crew bunch and look forward to her puppies in the future. I’m expecting Malibu to be in the 8 lb range at maturity. Be watching for more information, pedigree and pictures on this beauty, by clicking on her name.

Marina - Liver Parti Female

Marina – Meet LoneStar Farms Up Close And Personal. Beautiful Liver Parti female with tons of coat. Nice ear set, too. This beautiful girl is out of our Cookie (retired now) and Denver. She is 1/2 sister to Vegas and 1/2 sister to our little Star. Another hand picked baby for our “new” breeding crew page. Be watching for her awesome babies soon.

Marquis - Black and Silver Miniature Schnauzer

Marquis – Meet Marquis. Pronounced “Mar-Kee”. Exceptional little Phantom Black & Silver female. Marquis is a baby produced by Indianna and Alex. More pictures and pedigree coming on Marquis soon. Don’t forget to take a look at Marquis sister, “Demi”.

Messina - Liver Parti Girl

Messina – Meet “Messina”. Gorgeous supercoated female in dark Liver Parti color. Messina is a daughter of Raquel and Music Maker’s Led Zeppelin. Pedigree and more info. to come on this beautiful girl. Click on her name to see more pictures.

Black and Silver Miniature Schnauzer

Neon – We are excited to include this breathtaking Black and Silver female in our breeding crew. Her mother is Platinum Silver and her father is Liver/Tan. Super nice coat and wonderful disposition. More to come on this beautiful girl soon. Thanks to Marilyn T at Mini-Acres.


Paris – Paris is a daughter of Panda and Razor. Paris was carefully selected for our breeding crew and we look forward to watching her grow into adulthood. She is Salt & Pepper in color and is mega coated. We only expect quality babies to be produced by this beautiful girl.

Picasa - White Female

Picasa – Meet “Picasa”, LoneStar Farms Paint Me Stealing Kisses. Beautiful supercoated White female. Picasa is considered a White Chocolate or White with liver points, since she has brown nose and green eyes. She is really sweet and always ready to give some kisses. Her mom is a beautiful Platinum silver, “Dani”. Dad is supercoated and black/silver colored, “Alex”. Picasa is the beginning of our “new” breeding crew. Picasa finished at 8 lbs.

Presley - Black Female

Presley – Meet “Presley” or Lonestar Farms Love Me Tender. Gorgeous, well built, black and supercoated! What more could you ask for? Personality? She’s got that, too! Presley is a daughter of Tattoo. Can’t really tell in the picture, but those of you who have been to visit know that my dogs look much bigger in their pictures. We plan on some really small babies with this dream girl. Presley is 7 lbs. More to come on this very special girl soon.

Ripley - black and silver female miniature schnauzer

Ripley – Meet “Ripley”. She is a daughter of our “Mickie and Baxter“, who are retired now. Ripley is a gorgeous, black & silver colored female that is 7 lbs. She sports that desirable supercoat and has tons of personality. I would say that she got the best of the best from both parents. Ripley’s parents are Silver and Liver Pepper, so she could have any color puppies. The plan is to match her up with Ely for tiny black/silver’s. Keep watching the website for updates on this beautiful girl.


Roxie – Meet our beautiful Roxie, aka LoneStar Farms Rockin’ Your World. She was born here at LoneStar Farms to her parents; Liza and Shorty. She is full of energy, but settles right down when she is in your lap. She loves her romps outside playing with the other girls her age. She is massive coated and Liver & Tan in color. Another awesome baby being raised at LoneStar Farms. Be watching for her puppies in the near future.

Selena - White Miniature Schnauzer

Selena – Selena is a true WHITE female that we have added to our new Breeding Crew. Her parents are Annie (black/silver) and Cash (white chocolate). Comical and fantastic disposition. More to come on this beautiful girl soon.


Sicily – Meet Sicily – “LoneStar Farms A Thousand Wishes.” She is a dark black/silver mega coated daughter of Brie and Razor. Sicily loves her toys and seems to always have a squeaky toy in her mouth. She is very sweet natured and we look forward to raising some of her beautiful puppies. Sicily’s coat is short in these pictures, but she is massive coated. Sicily finished at 7 lbs..

Tulsa - Black and Silver Phantom Girl

Tulsa – Meet LoneStar Farms Western Wishes. Gorgeous black/silver “Phantom” female in a tiny size. This girl matured at 6 1/2 lbs. Her parents are Brazil (black 10 lbs) and Gabe (6 lbs). Tulsa is another one of our hand picked girls for our “new” Breeding Crew page. Be watching for her exceptional babies in the near future. Visit Tulsa’s page for more information and pedigree coming soon.