Hi Katherine,

This is our sweet Cami Belle at 3 1/2 mos. old. Her parents are Suzie Q and Champ. Katherine, you REALLY know your stuff! We asked you for a puppy that would weigh under 10 lbs. at adulthood, silver in color and that would have a sweet disposition and you gave us just what we asked for. Cami is full grown now and weighs just over 8 lbs., she’s shiny silver and is very, very sweet. When she’s ready for a haircut she has a hint of liver color show thru her back fur because Champ (her daddy) was liver colored. She has a sweet and unique personality. She has a unique way of speaking to us and talks to us unlike any schnauzer we’ve ever had before.

Cami is not much taller than Bucky our tiny toy schnauzer (6lbs.), but she’s full-figured. I believe she has excellent birthing hips! Cami carries Champs parti gene and our Bucky is salt/pepper parti-colored. We look
forward to their pups. I’ll be sure to share those photos with you too.

Katherine, again, thank you for your expertise and patience as we were making our choice to bring home the perfect furry baby. I’m so happy I took the time to speak to different breeders because your expertise, kindness, patience and sincere caring attitude set you apart from the others and you delivered. Cami’s perfect in every way! We absolutely adore her!

With sincere gratitude,
Nancy & Gary Southard
Ballinger, TX

Cami Belle - Smiling for the Camera

Cami Belle - Loves the Camera

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  1. Wow she really is so beautiful.! We got a wonderful male all white from Kathy and yes she really knows her stuff. We will be looking for a female from her now. I will never get a dog from anyone other then her. Best breeder Kathy is hands down.

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