Itsy Bitsy Mitzi – Lonestar Farms Puppy

Hi Katherine! Here’s our Lonestar Farms – Itsy Bitsy Mitzi (parents are Gentri and Biscuit). Considering I had never purchased a puppy via the Internet I was a bit skeptical about the whole process, but Katherine [...]

Lexi – A Little Spitfire!

Hi Katherine, It’s Donna.  Just thought you might like an update on her progress.  Well, she’s a little spitfire, full of personality and character, but at the same time she’s very loving.  She weighs 5 1/2 lbs., [...]

Beautiful Little Phoebe – Lonestar Farms Puppy

Hi Katherine. First I just want to Thank You for being the most awesome breeder EVER!!!! I was so scared and nervous about getting a puppy from a breeder I’ve never met let alone through the [...]

Cricket – Tiny Little Angel

Hi Katherine, I am always looking at the puppies on the site. We are in love with Cricket, our tiny little angel. She is a little pistol and loves everyone and everything..bugs, dogs (the bigger the better), [...]

“Lovable, kind, alert, very smart, and beautiful”

Dear Katherine, I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you how happy I am with my new baby. He is truly a wonderful puppy. When I called you and I told you of my [...]

Tiny Miss Bella!

Dear Katherine, I ran across this photo and thought you might appreciate your masterfully bred, precious and tiny Miss Bella!  I soooooo love her!  Thank you! Alice B. Ashburn, Va [...]

Oreo and Ginger Snap – Beautiful Puppies

Hi Katherine, After losing our 10 year old ,blind mini schnauzer Gretchen to heart failure we were broken-hearted. We found Lonestar by accident while surfing the net. We were a bit nervous about ordering a puppy [...]

Bailey – Liver-Colored, Toy Sized Class Puppy!

Hi Katherine, I am the first letter on your testimonials page and just wanted to update you. Bailey is doing great! At a year and a half she weights a little over 7 pounds. She is [...]

Dusty Has A Wonderful Christmas!

Hi Katherine, We hope all is going well and that you had a wonderful holiday! We had a wonderful Christmas with Dusty. She had her very own stocking and some of her favorite treats and toys. She’s [...]

Baxter – Supercoated Liver-colored Puppy

Katherine, It has been months since I last emailed. Since then, Baxter (Sammy Jo and Shorty’s liver puppy) has grown to 15 lbs. and is absolutely gorgeous (and everyone who meets him agrees). I bring him [...]