Meet Chantilly!

Meet Chantilly. Another beautiful hand picked girl for our “new” breeding crew line up. Chantilly is Black & Silver in color and finished at 7 1/2 lbs. Beautiful coat and overall awesome girl. Chantilly is daughter of Chanel (retired Platinum silver-10 lbs) and Gringo (white chocolate-6 lbs). We can hardly wait to see her beautiful babies. Be watching!

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Chantilly - Black and Silver Girl

Chantilly - Black and Silver Girl

Chantilly - Black and Silver Girl

Chantilly’s Pedigree Coming Soon… 

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  1. How strange! This evening my son and I were watching TV while we were eating and he said, Look, Mom, they are having an antique roadshow in Chantilly, VA. I smiled. My BFF was a miniature schnazuer named Chantilly “Tilly”. Love her so she passed away at the ripe old age of nearly 15. Now I am watching a Aubrey Hepurn movie called Two for the Road, and she was on her way to a city Chantilly.

    I decided to look for a mini schnauzer who needs to be rescued with the name Chantilly. I just tripped on this page. The interesting thing is that my Chantilly’s mother was named Chanel (but was a black mini)! Small world.

    Thanks for sharing this page.

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