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We competed at MiniPalooza last week. That was Mini Schnauzer Nationals. It was amazing being around so many wonderful Mini Schnauzers! Nina did not get to compete because Barn Hunt filled super fast and we got closed out. I was bummed about that. She stayed with my parents while we were away. One of her daughters competed in her first AKC agility trial and totally kicked tail! Crystal has better focus than her Mom does. Nina has done a little competing in agility, but not too much. I expect to start competing in agility with her again in the fall. Nina has significantly better focus in barn hunt and nose work, which is totally ok and we have lots of fun in those sports! She is my best rat hunter! One of her daughters who lives about an hour and a half away from us, is also an excellent ratter. I run her in Barn Hunt as well. Clover (Cash’s daughter), has not done too much barn hunt, but was lucky enough to get to do a practice run in barn hunt before the trial started because my husband was helping set things up. I am probably going to need to start entering her in Barn Hunt trials now too because she was very excited about it!

Clover earned a new agility title when we were away. Now she is in Excellent level. She was super fast and won a special ribbon in one of the runs for being faster than all the other dogs she was competing against. We had never run that kind of a run before. It is called Time to Beat and basically it is every dog in every level, bring Novice through Masters, running the same course and competing against each other to be the fastest. She was competing against dogs who have earned agility championships many times over. I am super proud of her!

Nina’s daughter Crystal earned her 1st Novice level title and got an award for being the high scoring Novice Level dog. Both Crystal and Clover ran more than 5 yards per second!

Here is one of Clover’s agility runs:

This is Nina’s daughter:
Crystal’s debut to AKC Agility!

So the kids are doing wonderfully. I will keep you updated! Hope all is well with you and your family!

Blessings and love,
~Liana Marley & the Pixie Schnauzers

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