If you plan on placing a deposit for a puppy that is already born or for an unborn future puppy, please fill out all the information below.


This will insure that I have all of your information and will be a tremendous help to me to have everything on one page.



Checks are accepted for DEPOSITS only and NOT for FINAL PAYMENTS.


Final payments can be made by Paypal, Bank of America/Wells Fargo transfers, wires, etc.


FINAL PAYMENTS MUST BE MADE by the time the puppy is 6 weeks old, unless you are picking your puppy up at Lonestar Farms, then the balance can be paid in Cash at the time of pick up.


You can visit our Shipping page for details on the costs of Cargo and hand delivery shipping.


Puppies are sold on first come, first served basis. I've tried to use the "whoever calls me first method", but that isn't working anymore. Whomever puts the deposit down first, is first. If a deposit is mailed, I'll go by the postmark on the envelope.


Please call me prior to sending a deposit and check availability on the litter you are interested in.


Thank you,
Katherine Reed



Your Name: ___________________________________________________________

Your Email: ________________________Phone: ______________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________

Litter interested in: _______________________________________________________

Are you in the Military? If so, attach a copy of ID card along with this deposit page and receive a $100 discount toward the price of your puppy. Check one or leave blank if you are not military:
______Active Duty

I Want a: Boy _______ Girl _______ Doesn't Matter _______

Puppy will go to: Pet Home_________ Breeder__________

Colors interested in:

1st choice:____________________________

2nd choice:___________________________

3rd choice:___________________________

(Example: Black/Silver, Liver Parti, etc…) or “doesn't matter.”

Size preference: Please put a check by the size you are interested in.

Teacup (3lbs-6lbs) ______________

Toy sized (7lbs-10lbs)____________

Small Mini (11lbs-13lbs) __________

Mini (14lbs and up)______________

Nearest airports to you:




(Example: Tampa International, Houston Hobby, etc…)

I'll be picking my puppy up in person. ___________ (Check here)