Miniature Schnauzer Dog & Puppy Training

Dog and Puppy TrainingDog and Puppy Training

Are you looking for a way to curb your dog or puppy’s behavior problems? Do you want to teach your dog new tricks? Are you frustrated with trying to house train your dog and getting no results?

We have put together a collection of top-quality dog and puppy training tools below which will allow you to train your dog successfully without having to pay hundreds of dollars for a professional class or dog training school.

The tools you will find below have been developed by experts in their field. They have either been featured on national and international television and radio or they have proven themselves to be reliable and successful training programs by their years and years of success on the internet. Plus, we have made sure that every one of them offer a full, no questions asked money back guarantee. You’ve got nothing to lose except your dog or puppy’s poor behavior!

Puppywishes Expert On-line Dog Training Classes

Puppywishes Puppy TrainingFeatured on the Discovery Channel, the Toronto Sun and Cbc Radio. gives you an all-inclusive, total on-line dog/puppy training program. They will provide you with full color training eBooks and technically unique dog/puppy training streaming videos. Their trainers have won multiple awards and they offer a full, 30 day, money-back guarantee!

Start your personalized dog/puppy training program today! Everything you need to can appear on your computer screen within minutes, including your own personal dog training coach!

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The Dog Tricks Training Program

Puppy and Dog TrainingImagine the look on your visitors faces when when your dog switches on the lights or brings you the newspaper or your slippers. Get him to clean up his dog toys or even the kids’ toys. This amazing program will even have your dog doing magic tricks!

If you’ve ever wanted to train your dog how to do tricks, then this is exactly what you’re looking for. It also teaches your dog how to behave like a calm, well-behaved family member. Comes with two great bonuses, including “Puppy Training” which covers all of the basics…ideal for the beginner puppy OR owner.

Click Here to get to their website. Instant Expert Dog Training Video Series

Dogsology Dog TrainingAnother great dog and puppy training system. This video series will teach you how to communicate with your dog using the dog’s natural instinct and get his complete, undivided attention! Once you master this powerful technique, it goes on to teach you how to effectively stop your dog’s behavior problems and house training issues.

Instant Expert Training Video Series will also show you how to quickly train your dog to sit, stay, heel, lay down and follow all the other common commands. Split up into manageable viewing segments, you won’t have to read about EVERY aspect of dog training. Click “close” on the top right of the pop-up window.

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SitStayFetch© Pro: Dog Care Software

Dog Care SoftwareOK, this isn’t necessarily dog training software, however we thought we’d add this tool because we use it ourselves at our Sunshine Farms kennel in Tampa and we LOVE it. This software will keep track of everything you need to know about your dogs medical history, appointments, shot records, training and much more.

There’s nothing worse than needing information about your dog fast and not being able to find it! No more searching through drawers or filing cabinets. No more annoying searches for your dogs records, receipts, insurance policies or anything else. SitStayFetch Pro handles it all for you. 100% 90-day money back guarantee.

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Dr. Dog’s Fast, Easy, Fun Behavior Solutions

Dog and Puppy TrainingWorld Renowned Animal Behaviorist And Radio Talk Show Host, Dr. Dennis Fetko, (Dr. Dog) Reveals His Proven Dog Training Methods. Is your dog biting, chewing, digging, pooping, barking or doing anything you don’t want him to do? Dr. Dog has the solution. And his solution doesn’t involve jerking, clicking or squirting!

This program has proven success methods…to the tune of a 96.4% success rate. No trial and error, no months of training yourself. These methods are instant and are trained to animal control officers, veterinarian schools and Humane Society staffs worldwide. 100% money back guarantee.

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Dog’s Training Zone

Dog Training ZoneThis package is aimed at those who are frustrated by their dogs house, potty and obedience behaviors. If you need help and need it fast, give Dog Training Zone a try. This is a quality, step-by-step training system that will have your dog or puppy obeying your every command. You’ll see almost instant results, even on the first day!

You will also receive valuable bonus information including what to and what not to feed your dog, games to play with your dog, weather tips, intro to clicker training, and more. Comes with a full 3 month, 100% money back guarantee.

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Instant Dog Training Videos

Instant Dog TrainingWorld Renowned dog trainer has released his awesome new instant access videos that are proven to end your dog’s behavior problems in minutes. For those of you who prefer videos over written information, these videos will have even the worst behaved, out of control dogs behaving like angels.

The best part about this program is that you don’t have to read hundreds of pages of training books and you don’t have to drag your little monster out to overcrowded classes. After purchasing this package, you’ll have immediate access to the videos and watch them right there on your computer. You can even save them on your hard drive and burn them to CD if you’d like. Full 8 week, 100% money back guarantee.

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Housebreak Your Puppy in 7 Days

Housebreak your PuppyThis program will teach you how to housebreak your puppy in 7 days OR LESS. That’s right, you can have your puppy knowing where and when to “go” in just a week. No matter what age your dog is, this step-by-step system will show you how to do it quickly and easily. It covers everything from your puppy’s car trip home, to the final steps and maintenance of your puppy’s new found talent. Even if you work during the day!

Housebreak Your Puppy in 7 Days also comes with many valuable bonuses, including potty training schedules, recipes for mouthwatering homemade dog treats and basic dog training and care guides. If you have a new puppy, you really can’t afford not to get this step-by-step training guide. Full 60 day, 100% money back guarantee.

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We’re sure there are many other quality training programs out there, however we will only post those of which are top-quality, proven programs that are reasonably priced and will work in a reasonable amount of time. If you know of any training systems that match this criteria, send us an email and we’ll research it. If it passes our guidelines, we’ll add it here!