Hi Katherine,

We hope all is going well and that you had a wonderful holiday! We had a wonderful Christmas with Dusty. She had her very own stocking and some of her favorite treats and toys. She’s now 7 pounds and full of fun and energy.

We’re sending a few photos so you can see her. She goes everywhere with us and loves her “rides” in the car.

My younger sister, Jeannie, and her family came over from Frisco, TX for Thanksgiving. That’s us in the one photo with Dusty. Her little girl, Whitney, who’s almost 2 years old had been very fearful of all animals. Thanks to Dusty, she’s now more comfortable around dogs. They got a long very well!

Let us know how Dusty’s sister is doing.

Kim and Tim

White Toy Schnauzer at Christmas

White Toy Schnauzer at Christmas

Kim, Jeannie and Dusty