A great email from a happy client:

Dear Katherine:
fairbanksAt this Thanksgiving season I wanted to send you a special thank you for the lovely little dog you sent me in February.  We named her Fairbanks and she is the delight of my life and my whole neighborhood adores her.  She is also the delight of the veterinary clinic too.  She has been successfully spayed and has never known a sick day.  She is very smart and she is now fully housebroken and crate trained and so much a part of my household that I can’t imagine what my life was before she came into it.  The toy size schnauzer is not well known here in South Florida so she attracts a lot of attention and many questions.  Her coloring is also quite striking .  I have lost count of the number of people who have told me she is the most beautiful dog they have ever seen!  Several people have asked me where she came from and I have given them your website.  I do hope some of them contact you.  I have also had offers to buy her from me.  The answer to that is Not A Chance!!
I went to visit my other son in Delaware just before Thanksgiving and my son here took care of her while I was away.  The attached picture is a photo of a very contented little girl.  He is between dogs right now as his aging Rottweiler passed away so he was very happy to have her company. 
I understand from the lady who delivered Fairbanks to us at the airport that her sister went to a family in Miami.  I hope they are having as much pleasure as I am.  I hope you and your family have a great holiday season and  again a special thanks for my lovely little girl!
Mary F. E.

A few minutes later:

Dear Katherine:
You can also add the comments of my veterinarian who said from the beginning that I had a real winner.  He said that her conformation and bone structure were excellent.  He said it was obvious that she had been well socialized before she was sent to me.  He also said that your recommendations regarding shots for such a small dog were spot on.  Each time I bring her in to the clinic literally all the staff comes out to greet her.  Even the groomer is in love with her.  When we picked her up at the airport I expected to be handed a trembling puppy and instead I had a friendly and decidedly curious little girl who looked me over and decided she liked what she saw.  My son had accompanied me and on the way home she literally charmed both of us.  She has been easy to train because she wants so much to please.  She is a smart, loving, and most entertaining family member now and I have never had any regret about this purchase.  I would happily recommend you to anyone.

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