Future Litters

Our Future Litters

Looking for that special puppy? Check out our future litters below. You can click on the pictures for more information on each mom and dad. Feel free to contact us to inquire about these litters.


MicrochipAll of our puppies will receive FREE Microchipping, as well as their first Advantage Multi® treatment (Heartworm preventative, fleas, ticks,skin and ear mites, etc…) You will truly be on your way to a HAPPY HEALTHY puppy!

Note: This special applies to Lonestar Farms puppies only and will be waived at your request.

We’re expecting Teacup, Toy and Miniature sizes in all colors.

More moms and dads will be posted soon, so keep watching!

These will be exceptional babies in all colors. Expecting Teacup, Toy and some Miniature sized Schnauzer puppies. We will be posting these pairs, along with their dues dates.

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Ava / Jonesy Litter due October 6th
Expecting black/silver, parti pattern in any color, salt/pepper or black. Any size on this litter.


Prissy / Gringo Litter due October 14th
Parti, black, white, black/silver, black, salt pepper.


Quolette / Jerico Litter due October 20th
Any color or size with this litter!


All puppies above should be ready for their new homes BEFORE CHRISTMAS!


London - Liver Tan GirlLondon / Jonesy Litter due November 4th
Expecting liver, liver pepper, liver parti or liver/tan.


Malibu - Black and Silver GirlMalibu / Henry Litter due November 5th
Expecting black, black/silver, Salt/pepper or white.
Henry - Black Teacup Boy


Martina / Bravo Litter due November 11th
Expecting Liver or Liver tan or black.


Neon - Black and Silver Miniature SchnauzerNeon/ Krush Litter due November 21st
Expecting black/silver, white, salt pepper, Wheaton or Black.


Sparkle/ Gabe Litter due December 1st
Expecting black, black/silver, liver colors or parti. Most likely teacup sized.


Demi - Chocolate Colored FemaleDemi/ Bravo Litter due December 1st
Expecting Black or Liver colors. Toy or Miniature sized.


Tulsa - Black and Silver Phantom GirlTulsa/ Jericho Litter due December 3rd
Expecting Black, Black/silver. Teacup and toy sized.


Layla/ Tuff Litter due December 6th
Expecting Black or Black/silver or liver colors. Toy or Miniature.


More pairs will be posted soon – Check back for updates!

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