Meet Hannah!
“Lonestar Farms Picture Perfect”
Retired and Adopted!

This gorgeous girl is Hannah. She has a tremendous coat and super nice personality. She is a puppy born of Lonestar Farms Lickety Split (Pinky) and Music Maker’s Puff Daddy (Pooh Bear). I expect her to be 8-10 lbs. at maturity. We look forward to raising puppies from this gorgeous girl. She will carry for white and chocolate and maybe parti.

 Click on pictures below for larger images

Hannah - Retired White Girl

Hannah - Retired White Girl

Hannah - Retired White Girl

Hannah - Retired White Girl

Hannah - Retired White Girl

Hannah - Retired White Girl

Hannah - Retired White Girl
Hannah as a Puppy:

Hannah - Retired White Girl

Hannah - Retired White Girl

Hannah - Retired White Girl


Some of Hannah’s Puppies:

Hannah Puppy

Hannah Puppy

Hannah Puppy


Hannah’s Pedigree

Hannah Pedigree


Hannah has retired and now lives with Arlene in in Louisiana.
This goes to show how our retired dogs do very well new homes!


She was sound asleep and heard the kitten mew and ran to the end of the bed.  She watched the entire show of Too Cute on Animal Planet.

Hannah watches TV and growls when she sees a man.  Don’t know what that is all about.

She is in my office shaking her chimp.

She is chewing the bone you gave her.

Hannah discovered the bathroom trash can.

Hannah with her two favorite toys.

Note from Arlene:

Hannah is doing very well and is so much fun.  She likes to play fetch every morning before she goes outside.  She did this fetch thing on her own.  She is sleeping with me and when the lights go off, she gets in her little bed and goes to sleep.  We went over to Teri’s house today and she and Laila played outside and we watched a movie and came home.  They are getting along really well.  I guess I better close, she is sound asleep in her office bed.


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(5) Readers Comments

  1. Checking to see about adopting one of the “mature puppies”. Hannah looks so much like our (late) Casey who we lost 2 years ago. We’d love the opportunity to have any one of these gorgeous pups to give them a loving, caring home with us. We have no intention of breeding – just loving and caring for one.
    Can you please be in touch and let us know the particulars of what is expected? We live in Bucks County, PA.
    Thanks for your consideration.

    Denise & Mike Mocharnuk

    • Denise,
      Hannah has one teacup sized puppy and I am going to keep her as a pet. So sorry, please email me directly to let me know what you are looking for

      thank you,
      Katherine @ LoneStar Farms

      • I lost my precious white schnauzer 2 months ago. She was my constant companion for 12 years.
        I want to adopt or buy another white one in the next month or two. I am so lonely without her even though I have 2 other dogs, I have never owned such a loving dog. After countless interviews with other schnauzer owners I understand this is their personality.
        I am not quite sure if you are adopting out Hannah or her puppies . I want a small white one preferably under 10 pounds.

        Please advise me about Hannah, her puppies, or other small whites coming up.

        Glenna Crawford

  2. She reminds me so much of my girl’s mom, she was also a white schnauzer, is she still available? how old is she? is she now spayed? and price. Looking for a mini young adult would be great to adopt. thanks

  3. Ines, Hannah has already been adopted. Call or email and we can talk about another possible fit for you.

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