Bathing Your Puppy

Bathing Your Toy, Teacup or Miniature Schnauzer Puppy Between Groomings

Your miniature schnauzer puppy should be free of matts and tangles, so get those out before the bath. If you don’t, the matts will become tighter and more difficult to remove. You should be brushing your puppy at least two to three times per week.

Bathing more than once a week can strip the coat of its natural oils that keep it shiny.

If you have a teacup or toy sized schnauzer, you can bathe in the kitchen sink and just use your sink sprayer. There is a product you can use, like a short leash attached to a suction cup. This is helpful and will protect your dog/puppy from jumping out and possibly getting hurt.

Never, ever turn your back – not for one second – if you have your puppy/dog in the sink. Have your shampoo/conditioner, towel and all necessary items to get the job done before you start. A non slip matt is good to have to keep slipping from occurring.

There are special shampoos for dark colored schnauzers – like Black, black/silver, Liver, etc. There are also products that whiten the lighter colored Schnauzers – like parti, white and Salt/Pepper colors. For puppies, I prefer the oatmeal shampoos.

At this point, you will have already chosen the products you’ll need to bathe your miniature schnauzer puppy.

IMPORTANT NOTE – If you are using a topical flea product monthly, avoid dips or flea shampoos.

You will want to place cotton balls in your dogs ears, to keep water from going down in the ear canal.

To bathe your miniature schnauzer puppy, start at the head and soak the dog’s coat with warm water, not hot or cold, moving toward the tail. You will need a lot of water pressure to get down to the skin and thoroughly wet the coat, especially with supercoated schnauzer puppies.

Once thoroughly soaked, start at the head with shampoo. Work up in a good lather, being certain to avoid ears and eyes.

If your schnauzer puppy/dog has fleas, they will migrate to the head region once the coat is wet, so start at the head and work your way back to the puppies back and tail. Follow the directions on the bottle and add a little water if needed to work up a good lather. Flea medications will have to stay on longer, so again, follow what the product directions tell you to do.

Once you’ve worked the lather all the way to the tails and back legs, starting at the head again, thoroughly rinse until no more shampoo washes out and the water runs clear. If you leave the shampoo in the coat, it will cause dullness and skin irritation. So it is important that you rinse thoroughly!

When the shampoo is out of your dogs coat, take the cotton balls out of the ears and towel dry your puppies coat.

Now you will need to blow dry your puppy’s coat. Be sure that the dryer is not too hot or too close to your puppy’s skin. Your Schnauzer puppy will most likely be used to the dryer already, from having previous groomings/baths.

Now you can brush/comb through the coat once more and apply some doggie cologne.

Most schnauzer puppies are just fine taking a bath and are usually exceptionally happy afterward. They feel good and they know that they are most beautiful puppy in the world.

How to Bathe a Miniature Schnauzer Puppy
Katherine Reed
LoneStar Farms Owner