By: Dr. Delbert G. Carlson, D.V.M., Dr. James M. Griffin, D.V.M.
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This is a central nervous system disorder caused by low blood sugar. It occurs mainly in TOY breeds between six and twelve weeks of age. Often it is precipitated by stress.

The first signs are listlessness and depression. They are followed by muscular weakness, vomiting or diarrhea, tremors (especially in the facial muscles), and later convulsions, coma and death. The entire sequence is not always seen The dog may simply appear to be depressed or he may be weak, wobbly and jerky, or he may be found in a coma.

Hypoglycemia can occur without warning when a puppy is placed in a new home or while being shipped. It might appear after a puppy misses a meal, chills, becomes exhausted from too much playing, or has a digestive upset. These upsets place an added strain on the energy reserves of the liver and bring on symptoms, if the dog is susceptible.

Puppies who are weaned on rice and hamburger are more likely to develop hypoglycemia. Their diet is deficient in certain ingredients needed to sustain the liver.

TREATMENT: Treatment is directed at restoring blood levels of glucose. Begin at once. Prolonged or repeated attacks can cause permanent damage to the brain. If the puppy is awake, give him Karo syrup, honey or sugar in water by mouth. He will begin to improve within 30 minutes. When he is unconscious, he will have to be given a Dextrose solution intravenously. It may be necessary to treat for swelling of the brain. A veterinarian should be called at once, regardless if the puppy is awake or unconscious.

Prevent recurrent attacks by feeding a high quality dry food diet and adding to it sugar, syrup or honey. See that the puppy eats at least every 4 hours and receives a daily vitamin. Owners of toy puppies should not overtire them or allow them to chill. Play must be offset by frequent feedings. A puppy, who does not eat frequently, for whatever reason, is heading for trouble.

Note from Katherine Reed of

I wanted everyone to know about Hypoglycemia and how to take action quickly if it were to happen to your TOY puppy. I also believe that its better to be prepared and have some knowledge on this subject. This is so easy to prevent!

I had a lady tell me that this happened to her TOY puppy, but at the time she didn’t know what was going on. She took her puppy to the Vet and by the time they ran test’s to see what was going on, the puppy went into a coma and died. This could have been easily prevented, even if you don’t have Nutrical, everyone has Karo Syrup or Sugar in their kitchen. BE PREPARED!!!

What’s that saying said by a very wise person?
Remember That!!!

I once had a puppy that had a Hypoglycemic reaction from a simple bath and blow drying. The bath was no problem, but the blow dryer (even on low) totally stressed this TOY puppy out. The puppy just went limp and laid there. Thank God, I did have Nutrical on hand and within 30 minutes after administering, you would of never known it had even happened.

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