Meet Jubilee!
“Lonestar Farms Dream Maker”

This is Jubilee, “Lonestar Farms Dream Maker.” Future mom at Lonestar Farms. Quiet, well-mannered black girl with an excellent disposition and beautiful thick coat. Click on my picture for more pictures and pedigree!

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Jubilee - Black Female

Jubilee - Black Female

Jubilee - Black Female

Jubilee - Black Female

Below: Some of Jubilee’s Puppies

Below: Bianca, daughter of Jubilee and Rocky

Jubilee's Puppies

Below: 3 of Jubilee’s puppies peeking out the doggie
door to see what is going on outside.

Jubilee's Puppies

Jubilee’s Pedigree

Jubilee's Pedigree

One Reply to “Jubilee – Lonestar Farms’ Retired Black Female”

  1. When you retire your females are they up for adoption? I had a black female Schnauzer for 15 years and we adored her. She was so smart and a wonderful companion. Eventually I would like to adopt another black female and Jubilee is identical to my Mandy. We had to put Mandy down due to Kidney failure and her spine was severely curved. It was so difficult to let her go, but I did not want her to continue to be in pain. Please let me know how old your females are that can be adopted and a range of cost if possible. Thank you in advance for your assistance. Patsy B.

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