lailaIt seems like yesterday that I picked up Laila from you in Texas. I can’t begin to tell you what a beautiful companion she is to our family. Such a princess and such a clown all in one. She is three years old now and in perfect health. Her fur is getting thicker and seems to shimmer like a pearl now.  She is quick to greet new people and make sure they speak to her first.

She is tender with the frail and the clown with kids. She can enter a room and can tell if anything is out of place or new.  This amazes me!
I had to remove two of her back teeth about two weeks ago but the veterinarian assured me it was from the treats I was giving her and an occasional piece of cookie. He said she is in perfect health and also said she is not your child she’s a dog. I quickly corrected him. Lol

But I will not give her people years anymore.

Hannah and Laila play all the time and get along so great. Thank you for allowing us to take Hannah to her new home. The joy it has brought to my Mother can not be described and rest assured that they are both very happy.

Again, thank you,
-Teri L.

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