(See Lily’s One Year Old Update Here)

(See Lily’s Two Year Old Update Here)

Good Sunday Morning to you Katherine,

lily3Lily turned 7 months yesterday.  I cannot believe how time has flown with the little Angel in my life.  We have had so much fun this summer.  She has given me so much joy.  She continues to get sweeter and more cuddly.  She has become a little clingy which I like.  Especially when she’s meeting a new BIG dog.  She learned to swim (only a few doggie paddles because I’m a nervous momma).  Next summer when she’s at full size, she’s getting a life jacket and we’re hitting the lake in style.

She weights  7.5 lbs now.  Perfect is every way.  Just adorable and every one LOVES her.    People cannot believe she is so small and perfect.  I still get the occasional double take from people when they think she’s a stuffed animal.  She goes everywhere with me and she’s highly portable.  😉   We have not spent a night apart.  Home depot loves her.  She loves going to work with me and loves her crate when she has to be in it.  We’re working on walking on a leash and “leave it”.  With her free spirit, she has a tendency to think an open door is her gateway to exploration.  So next and soon we’ll be working on stay and boundaries.  She continues to think the cat is her kung fu partner.  He tolerates her and they do have fun playing.  She loves her new house and yard. I put a through the wall dog door and built her a ramp that she uses like a champ.  
She was spayed last week and is doing great.  Completely normal blood work panel.  All her baby teeth have come out and she has a beautiful full mouth of  big girl white teeth. With her being all black, her teeth and the whites of her eyes are usually all you see in pictures.  She’s still jet black with the little white patch on her chest; which seems to be diminishing.  Her ears right now are up with the tips flopped over.  Hoping they fold but it really doesn’t matter, she’s already perfect.

Her current obsessions are dust brooms, paper towels trash cans and grasshoppers. She will play with a grasshopper for hours then devour it.  Slow torture for the poor critter.  She’s a talker more than a barker.  I’ve allowed her on the bed but only for short naps.  We’ll see how long that lasts.  She’s a good napper, loves laying between my legs.  Besides riding in her bicycle cart, I’m working on a way to take her in a backpack for snow shoeing this winter.  I’m also highly considering taking her to Reno for Thanksgiving so I don’t have to be apart from her.  🙂

I could go on all day, but I know you have a gazillion babies to love on.  I cannot thank you enough for what you do Katherine.



(See Lily’s One Year Old Update Here)

(See Lily’s Two Year Old Update Here)

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