Hi Katherine,

Sending you an update on Lily The Adventure Dog. She just turned 2 but is still acting like a one year old minus the naughty stuff.  She amazes me every day with her love and affection.  Her favorite place to be is anywhere I am and always touching me. She’s a little Dynamo if a character, my “whatever” dog.  So easy going, self sufficient and self assured.

She still torments the cat but the both seem to enjoy it.  She’s still jet black with a little silver/salt pepper showing up on her back.  It’s cold now in the dead of winter so I’ve let her hair grow out which makes her look like a fluffy/curly black bear cub.  So adorable.  We continue to seek out any and all adventures. Snowshoeing, snowmobiling, hiking, road tripping and everything in between.

You’ve mastered your trade.  I frequent your website and love seeing all your babies.  That’s all for now.

With gratitude,
Michelle and Lily and Mr. Furrgus the Cat





See Lily at 7 months old here

See Lily at 1 year old here

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