Our Farm

Lonestar Farms Miniature Schnauzers
Our Farm

I wanted to take a moment and share a little bit about myself and Lonestar Farms. I’ve always heard that a picture is worth a thousand words, so take a look! The pictures of my Pets speak for themselves.

My name is Katherine Reed. My husband, Jeffery and I live on a 29 acre farm in Madisonville, Texas. Madisonville is located off Interstate 45. 149 miles South of Dallas and 100 mi. North of Houston.

Lonestar Farms Sign

I have owned and raised Miniature Schnauzers since 1994. I just bought one puppy! I guess you can say that the LOVE BUG BIT ME! Our Schnauzers have multiplied since then and I can tell you truthfully, we have developed a BIG LOVE for all of them. We have found that they are the most loyal and hardiest of breeds. They are excellent with children, great watch dogs and they DO NOT SHED. Our babies get a lot of hands on attention. I have had a lot of feedback from previous buyers and they all comment on my puppies sweet personalities and how lovable they are.


We raise Mini, small Mini’s and Toy Schnauzers in ALL COLORS. My Mini’s are in the accepted range of 12-14 inches for the AKC Standard. My toy sized Schnauzers range from 8-11 inches in height and will weigh between 5-11 lbs. at maturity.

All of our Puppies are AKC Registered
Miniature Schnauzers

AKC does not yet recognize the toy, for show, but does register them as Miniature Schnauzers. We are all hopeful that one day AKC will have a registry for the Toy Schnauzer.

My goal is to continue to produce quality Miniature Schnauzers and to share the love that I have experienced. Enjoy your Schnauzer!


My Awesome Helpers:

Lindsey –


Lindsey is currently a junior at Sam Houston State University majoring in Ag-Business with a minor in Animal Science. She has always been involved with animals, and been passionate about their proper care and upkeep. Because of this it was natural for her to pursue jobs as vet techs for several years at various upper class veterinary clinics.


She has also worked as a horse trainer, and showed quarter horses, paint horses, and palominos. Currently she owns a BLM mustang that ran the plains of Nevada free for the first two years of his life. Whether large as a horse, or small as a teacup, Lindsey’s love for animals is evident in her patience and actions towards them.

Thank you so much for your help, Lindsey!


Shelby –



Kallie –


Pictured here is Kallie W., also a student at Madisonville High School. Kallie will be a Sophomore this coming year. She also has been involved in the FFA program at school for the past 6 years. She has shown Heifers and Chickens. Kallie has been an asset to Lonestar Farms and she loves all our Schnauzers. Her favorite is Crickett. She is shown here, combing Levi, our awesome Liver and Tan male. All of our dogs absolutely love Kallie!


Below: My little helpers (Grand-daughters). Pictured on the left is “Paiton-2 yrs old” and on the right is “Madison-4 yrs old” – Paiton kissing the mini horse “Raven”

This particular morning they were filling the water trough, together. Madison, says that things go “Better with Coke”

I suppose Lonestar Farms wouldn’t be complete without “Carmen” the kitty. She is a tortoise colored Persian.

Carmen the Kitty

A note from a loyal customer:


Thank you so much for your hospitality and for our gorgeous new addition to the family. As promised, here is the attached photo my daughter Jaime took with your sweet pony. We love our Harry 🙂



Fancy’s Newest Baby, May 2010:

Below: Maybelline was born on May 5th, 2010. She has black around her blue eyes that look like eyeliner; hence Maybelline.

Below: New pics of Maybelline and Hotshot with moms at 5 months of age. A special thanks to Joe and Jennifer Kelley of Kickin K Ranch of Waller, Texas. Home of Barlnk Macho Too, Sire of these awesome powerhouse babies.

Below is Fancy, registered Quarter horse mare. I owned her mother and raised her from a baby, she is 13 years old now.

And this is Fancy with her new baby named April…

Update: Here’s April all grown up!

Below is Pretty girl, registered Paint Mare. Fancy and her are half sisters. She is 10 years old now.

Below is Jeffery (my husband). Moving a little earth on his new John Deere.

Operating Oil Well pump on our property at Lonestar Farms.

Below: Daddy (Jeffery) loves babies too. Lots of puppy kisses around Lonestar Farms.

As you can see, we are both animal lovers and truly love ALL our Schnauzers. We know that if you choose to own one, that you will have many years of love, loyalty and plenty of kisses!


Some Other Photos:

Hottie’s first trip to the beach at Clearwater Beach, Florida (not far from Tampa). Jeffery is holding her and I’m behind the camera, of course. The seagull’s were driving her crazy!!!! Believe it or not, this was Christmas Eve day. Hottie is daughter of Mariah and Champ.

I wanted to share this cute picture with all of you. I caught all three cuties taking a snooze. Bisquit (bottom), Barbie (middle) and Hottie (upper).

I would like to share a few more photos with you. Below is a beautiful field of Texas Bluebonnets!
The Bluebonnet is the official Texas State Flower…the colors are mezmerizing!

and finally…

Who said it never snows in Texas?!

This is “Big Red” – our new state of the art barn in the Winter of 2008.