The Lonestar Farms Nursery

The Lonestar Farms Nursery

A lot of people ask us for pictures or descriptions of our nursery.
Below, we’ll show and tell you all about it!



Lonestar Farms NurseryThis is our “Nursery”, complete with individual doggie bedrooms for each mom and litter. Super nice controlled atmosphere and plenty of room for mom and her babies. Our Nursery is air-conditioned and heated for year round comfort.

Each doggie bedroom has a doggie door, so mom can go outside into a covered area. We also exercise the moms 2 times a day, in a very large play area outside.


Lonestar Farms NurseryInside our “Nursery”, we have lots of light and music, too. Each puppy is handled and talked to, each day, from the day they are born to the day they leave, to insure you a loving, very well socialized puppy. Everything is kept very clean and smell free. Each doggie bedroom, has a bed, automatic feeders and waterers. Our moms are fed a high quality, high protein puppy food (Propac Performance Puppy) during their pregnancy and whelping stages. Each mom has access to food anytime they want it, as well as the puppies do once they are eating solid food. Toys and things to chew on are essential for the puppies when they start getting their teeth in.

Lonestar Farms NurseryOn each doggie bedroom door, hangs a file where each litter is charted and organized. Color, gender, parents, wormings, weights, etc… A worming schedule is made the day the puppies are born, to insure that the wormings are done on the right day. Each puppy is weighed every two weeks and charted. This is so that we give the right dosage of worming medication and so that we can watch to see growth patterns on each individual puppy. Organization is a must when it comes to our dogs and babies. I believe it is important for you to know the care we practice.

Lonestar Farms Nursery


We strive to be the best!!!

This picture was taken outside of the doggie bedroom area. Suzie Q in front and Pinky (background) peeking out from inside her doggie den to see whats going on.

More pictures to come later on our brand new facility; aka: “BIG RED” as well as our facilities in Florida.