Dearest Katherine:

Been awhile since we talked, but since Precious has arrived, my time is actually taken up by her. She is sooooo precious and every day is a new challenge.

She is 5 3/4 mos old now, and weighs in at 5.8 lbs. She has recently had an adult cut, but believe I will go back to the type you did as she “fits into it better”.

Enclosing some random shots of her at play. Do take her to “Doggy Day Care” as I have no other pets around us and she loves being with them. Love to totally spoil her, but have to remember that when she’s grown it won’t be cute to do some of her antics. Of course she is the rave of everyone at lays eyes on her, and when viewing her pictures the words the utter are “isn’t she precious”. So guess the name was meant to be.

I can never thank you enough so this wonderful little “BLESSING” in my life. You have done some real fine work at selecting mates to produce such good tempered, beautiful coats and angels. Will keep in touch, we might need a playmate in the future.

Most sincerely,
Roberta P.
Fort Piece, Fl

White Toy Schnauzer

White Toy Schnauzer

White Toy Schnauzer



Dear Katherine:

Hello again. A quick update on my dear Precious that you provided. She is a very healthy, active, adorable pup with the most beautiful fur. Everywhere she goes, people are in awe at her beauty and friendliness. Their first words when seeing her are “oh my gosh she is precious”. We almost caused a traffic jam at the pet shop as people would not leave her alone. And to top it off she loves children and big playmates, and is not spoiled.

Her favorite friend is a Golden Retriever. Hope you don’t mind me boasting about her so much. She is the epitome of all Schnauzers. Thanks to you and your excellent breeding and handling. Will keep in touch for the future little sister.

Most Sincerely,

White Toy Miniature Schnauzer

 White Toy Miniature Schnauzer



Dear Katherine,

Time just keeps moving along and now here it is the “holiday season” Precious and I have been busy enjoying each other. Some recent Snaps of her activities:

  • Playing a round of golf
  • A day at the beach
  • Readying for Christmas

Note: Her Photographer said this puppy is a “Magazine Dog” because she is sooo beautiful, lovely fur, size and her stance and expressions not only are adorable, but on command.”

I attribute that to a well Breed/TLC start in life. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR SUCH A WONDERFUL Toy Schnauzer.

White Toy Miniature Schnauzer

White Miniature Schnauzer

White Miniature Schnauzer 

I attribute that to a well Bred/TLC start in life. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR SUCH A WONDERFUL Toy Schnauzer.

Have the Happiest of Holidays – we love you.

Bobbie Perrell
Ft. Pierce, Florida


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