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Miniature, Toy and Teacup Schnauzer

Puppies for Sale

We breed the highest quality miniature schnauzer puppies you’ll find online
…and they go FAST.
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Microchip for your Miniature SchnauzerAll of our mini schnauzer puppies below will receive FREE Microchipping, as well as their first Advantage Multi® treatment (Heartworm preventative, fleas, ticks, skin and ear mites, etc…) You will truly be on your way to a HAPPY and HEALTHY miniature, toy or teacup schnauzer puppy!

Note: This special applies to Lonestar Farms puppies only and will be waived at your request.

Teacup Schnauzer PuppyBefore you scroll down, a quick note about our puppies:

Don’t hesitate to call or email to inquire about these babies. Most end up sold before I get their individual pictures on the website below at two weeks of age. A $500 deposit will hold a puppy until you’re sure that this is the perfect puppy for your family. Sometimes you have to wait to see if the puppy ends up the right size compatible for your family. Sometimes the smallest puppy will end up the largest and vice-verse. If the puppy you have on hold ends up not being perfect for you, you can always switch your deposit to another puppy when available. I usually have someone else in line for each puppy, just in case someone changes their mind. Buying a puppy is a big decision and I want you to be 100% satisfied.

The image above shows a Dolly and Gringo puppy. This adorable puppy is 12 weeks of age in this picture and has made her forever home in Louisiana!

Please note: A deposit is a commitment for a puppy. Think about it before you send it! Lonestar Farms will no longer be refunding puppy deposits after 8/1/07. Personal Checks are accepted for deposits only. Checks will not be accepted for full or remaining payments when your puppy is delivered or picked up. Click Here for more information about our deposit policy.

AKC Registered Miniature Schnauzer PuppiesNow accepting deposits…please contact us
for deposit instructions.

Click on pictures below for larger images
All puppies are officially AKC Registered

Our Miniature, Toy and Teacup Schnauzer Puppies For Sale

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Have you seen our beautiful teacup puppies?

You can see them on our teacup puppies page.


Now on to Our Mini and Toy Schnauzers for Sale:


Gorgeous TOY SIZED Black male with white markings.
His parents Roxy liver/tan and Krush Wheaton colored. This puppy will finish at 8-9 lbs. He was one I was going to keep for my breeding program, but have decided to part with him. He is super laid back, but playful. Loves to be held and cuddled. You will love this puppy. His price is $1600.



Dam: Jewel
Sire: Jericho
Born on July 13th

Amazing salt and pepper party and black party males!


Salt and pepper parti Toy sized male. Gorgeous mega coat and outgoing personality. Should be about 8 lbs. Vet checked, Microchipped and Puppy starter kit. $1600

Black parti male. Should be about 10 lbs. Mega coated, vet checked, Microchipped and puppy starter kit. $1400.



Dam: Heidi
Sire: Eli
Born on May 26th

These TEACUP puppies are already showing signs of a mega coat. They will be Vet checked, microchipped, age appropriate vaccines.

They will also come with a really nice puppy starter kit!


Beautiful Black TEACUP Female

<– Baby picture
Current picture –>

More pics and info on the TEACUP PAGE

More pics on the TEACUP PAGE


Gorgeous Liver Pepper TEACUP Male

<– Baby picture
Current picture –>

More pics and info on the TEACUP PAGE

More pics on the TEACUP PAGE




Dam: Quolette
Sire: Jericho
Born on May 27th

This gorgeous litter consists of two females and one male. Mega coated and comes with documentation of Vet visit, age appropriate shots, microchipped and a really nice puppy starter kit. These puppies will carry no Merle lines or blue eyed lines.

Liver tan parti female

<– Baby picture
Current picture –>

Teacup sized, mega coated, 4-5 lbs at maturity, $3000

Liver tan parti male


Liver tan parti female

<– Baby picture
Current picture –>

Toy sized, mega coated. 8-10 lbs at maturity, $1800





Neon and Krush are the proud parents of  a beautiful baby girl born on June 3. 

Precious jet black female. Tons of coat and great personality. Should mature at 10-12 lbs. She has a documented Vet check, microchipped, worm free, first Advantage Multi, up to date on vaccines and she’ll come with puppy starter kit. Her price is $1600.





Candy and Chester are the proud parents of one baby girl born on June 5th

She is Liver parti, but has a significant amount of White on her. She will come with documented Vet Check, microchipped and age appropriate shots and nice puppy starter kit. Candy is a daughter of my Hosanna. I’m expecting this puppy to be super nice. More to come later. No Merle or blue eyed lines.




Dam: Paris
Sire: Jonesy
Born on June 25th

All males. Two black parti, liver tan
and black silver. Individual pictures coming soon. No Merle or blue eyes.




Dam: Layla
Sire: Tuff
Born on June 27th

Layla and Tuff babies are here.
These babies will all be mega coated and most likely will stay dark. Layla has been health dna’d and is clear of issues and is not a carrier of any. These babies will range from $1600 to $1800. No Merle or blue eyed lines. Puppies are playing with each other now. Videos to come soon.

Gorgeous Black Princess with tons of coat. I’ve done this cross before and the puppies were awesome. I get to groom one of the puppies from last litter on a regular basis and she gets even more beautiful every time I see her.

Super nice black female, mega coated. Awesome girl.

Black cutie pie. This is a tiny girl, but not sure exactly what size she’ll be at this time. Still very young.

Chocolate female, mega coated. These babies will range from $1600-$1800 pet home price.

Chocolate male with his rubber ducky. Mega coated. Super nice puppy.

Super cute black male. Puppy will be mega coated and have a great personality.



TEACUP sized LIVER/TAN maleDam: London
Sire: Clyde
Born on June 29th

2 tiny liver tan; 1 male and 1 female
Two liver partis; 1 male and 1 female.
No Merle or blue eyed background.
More to come soon!




Dam: Ava
Sire: Bravo
Born on June 20th

Ava and Bravo are the proud parents of 5 beautiful babies. Born on June 20th. One male and four females. Black and black/silver.
All will be mega coated. These are potential blue eyed puppies, but are NOT out of Merle lines.

Several of the puppies have double blue eyes. If you’ve never seen one in person, they are absolutely stunning!

Black/Silver female Teacup cutie. Mega coated and full of personality. $3000

Black/Silver male w/two blue eyes. Toy sized and mega coated. Super sweet. $2000.

Jet black female with two blue eyes. Mega coated and sweet personality. Small toy size. $2000.

Jet black Toy sized female. Mega coated and really sweet natured. Pretty little face. $1600



Dam: Martina
Sire: Bravo
Born on July 1st

Martina and Bravo are the proud parents of 8 beautiful babies born on July 1st. 
More info on the way!

Chocolate female with two blue eyes

Black female, not sure on eye color yet

Black female with two blue eyes

Black male with two blue eyes

Chocolate male with green eyes

Chocolate male with green eyes

Black male with dark eyes

Chocolate female



Chloe - White Toy SchnauzerDam: Chloe
Sire: Krush

Awesome White males available. Mother is white and dad is Wheaton colored. Small Miniature and large toy sized. Last of the summer specials. No other discounts will apply. $1200. The little Wheaton puppy is not for sale at this time.!




We have a LOT more miniature schnauzer puppies on the way…check back soon or check out out Upcoming Litters page here.