Our Retired Breeding Crew

Top Quality Miniature, Toy and Teacup Schnauzer Breeder Retirees

“Click on our pictures to visit each retiree’s old web page including official pedigree, pictures and other information.”

Retired Guys

Alexander - Silver Toy Boy

Alexander – This is Alexander. Gorgeous SUPER coated 7 lb Silver TOY schnauzer boy. His parents are Lonestar Farms Fancy Fringe (Gretchen) and Music Maker’s Puff Daddy (Pooh Bear). Alexander joined the crew in August 2007. Pedigree and more to come on this handsome guy soon.



Amos - Chocolate-Tan Parti Boy

Amos – This is our special guy, Amos. Considered a Liver parti, he sports a beautiful coat and has a super sweet personality.. Amos is the son of Fannie and Music Makers Put Yr Dreams Away (Dreamer). I expect Amos to mature at around 8lbs and he will carry for all colors. In my opinion, this has been one of the best breeding combinations made here. We are looking forward to having Amos as one of our best breeding sires at Lonestar Farms. You can see his sister below, “Raquel”. More to come on this handsome boy.

Baxter - Liver Pepper Male

Baxter – BEST OF THE BEST!!! Introducing my PRIDE AND JOY, “Baxter”. Lonestar Farms Cream O’ the Crop”. Baxter is Liver Pepper colored and is a son of Joy and Champ. This is
one AWESOME boy with a personality to match and a
coat to die for.

Bucky - Salt and Pepper Male

Bucky – This is Bucky, our retired 8 pound black and silver male with parti background. To name just a few of Bucky’s awesome babies; Cami, Sweetie, Suzie Q and Annie.

Champ - Liver Parti Boy

Champ – Champ is a Liver parti Toy male and weighs 8 pounds. Champ continues to produce extra nice babies with super coats and has been ideal for our breeding program.
He is such a lover boy!! Thank you Marilyn Theilig.

Checkers - Retired Black Parti Boy

Checkers – This little guy is full of personality and loves the ladies. Checkers is black parti colored and has many smaller dogs in his background. Checkers weighs in at just over 5 lbs and produces all colors. Just a perfect little guy!!

Denver - Liver Parti Male

Denver – This Liver Parti male is quiet and good natured. Never barks and just kind of a laid back guy. He sports a huge supercoat. All of his babies are supercoated also. Denver is sire of our “Star”. Never a dull moment around LoneStar Farms with our Denver!

Gabe - Black Male

Gabe – “LoneStar Farms Too Hot To Handle”. aka; Gabe. He is black in color and is the son of “Tattoo” (4.8 lbs), He is also full sister to our “Presley” (7 lbs). Gabe is a little pistol and fears NOTHING. Lots of attitude and only 5 1/2 lbs. He definately has that Napoleon syndrome going on. Loves people, but will not be pushed around by larger dogs. His very first litter he sired are gorgeous and mega coated. Be watching for more of his gorgeous babies.

Nike - Black Male

Nike – We are pleased to introduce our little “Nike”. He is tiny, solid black and has a terrific coat. You can see his big sister “Bianca” below. Nike’s parents are Jubilee and Rocky. You’ll be seeing more of this little guy soon.

Rocky - Black Miniature Schnauzer

Rocky – This is Rocky. He is a black toy weighing 7 pounds. He is cute as a button and produces really nice babies.

Tango - Salt and Pepper Male

Tango – “SUNSHINE FARMS TANGO IN PARADISE”. This handsome Salt & Pepper male tops the scale at 8.5lbs. He is the sweetest guy and so comical. He is soooo calm and has a wonderful temperament. He is Salt/Pepper, but carries for the Liver and Parti colors. Tango resides in Tampa, Florida.

Tattoo - Black and Silver Boy

Tattoo – This is our tiny teacup Black & Silver boy. His registered name is Lonestar Farms Tea for Two, but we call him, “Tattoo”. He has he finished at 4 lbs.

TJ - Black Male

T.J. – This is TJ. TJ is black, 6 lbs and has a very sweet personality. He is an outcross to our bloodlines. TJ carries the gene for liver, parti and more. Click on TJ’s name and see some of his past babies.


Vegas – This is our gorgeous liver parti boy “Vegas”. He is a daughter of Lonestar Farms Cookie Crumbles (Cookie) and Music Makers Put Yr Dreams Away (Dreamer). We expect Vegas will be around 8-9 lbs at maturity. We are looking forward to raising some beautiful babies out of our special little boy. 


Retired Girls

 Annie - Black and Silver Phantom Female

Annie – Annie is a super flashy Phantom (black & silver) female. She has a very nice thick coat and is full of personality. We are very lucky to have her and are looking forward to raising some of her babies in the future. More info to come on this beautiful girl.


Barbie – We would like to introduce “Barbie” to Lonestar Farms. She is a wonderful little girl that we hope will reach 7 lbs. Barbie is considered a Liver Parti and has a heavy ticking pattern (see her front legs) that makes her even more beautiful. They don’t come any better than this!! Barbie’s mom “Fudge”, is sister to my Mariah and Joy. Barbie’s dad is a heavily coated White Chocolate male named “Fletcher”. Everyone is soooo crazy about Fletcher! Thank you Sherry Gordon ( www.abucketofpuppies.com ) for such a beautiful, well socialized girl.

Bianca - Black Female Miniature Schnauzer

Bianca – Bianca is one elegant girl and look at all that coat! I think she will be an asset to Lonestar Farms and will help to better the Schnauzer breed. She is such a beautiful puppy and I know she will pass those good looks, confirmation, coat and exceptional personality on to her babies. Her parents are Jubilee and Rocky. Bianca is a TOY size, very well porportioned girl, who matured at 6.10 lbs. She has a super thick jet black coat with lots of blacks in her pedigree.

Brazil - Black Miniature Schnauzer

Brazil – Black and beautiful describes “Brazil”. She is a supercoated girl that never meets a stranger. She has all colors in her background and weighs 8 lbs. She comes from the Music Maker line. Thank you Janice for such a wonderful, well socialized girl. We love her. Puppies coming soon. See our future litter page for more details.

Brie - Black and Silver Miniature Schnauzer

Brie – Meet “Brie” or Lonestar Farms Seasoned Finale’. This little girl is the best of the best! Black & Silver and soooo much coat. She has a very outgoing personality as you can tell in the pictures. Her dad is our Alex “Black Tie Affair”. Click on her picture and go to her page for more pictures of Brie, pictures of her mom and Brie’s pedigree.


Cambria – Meet Cambria. Click on the picture for more images. More to come on this beautiful girl soon!

Cami - Black and Silver Girl

Cami – This is Cami, “Lonestar Farms’ Cameo Cowgirl.” Cami was one of our black and silver girls and she is the daughter of Special and Bucky. Height: 13 inches – Weight: 13 pounds

Chanel - Retired White Female

Chanel – Chanel is a beautiful Platinum Silver girl with a full silky coat. She is super sweet natured and comes to us from the Music Maker Kennel. She is the mother of our platinum silver “Lacy” and she weighs 11 lbs.

Choxie - Liver Pepper and Tan Female

Choxie – This beauty is “Choxie”. She is an elegant girl with a super disposition and lots of color in her background. Choxie is considered a Liver Pepper & Tan and comes to us from Oklahoma. More pictures and pedigree to come on Choxie soon. Thanks Samantha B. for such a beautiful girl.

Cookie - Liver Parti Girl

Cookie – This is “Lonestar Farms Cookie Crumbles”. We call her “Cookie”. She matured nicely and weighs 9 lbs. Such a sweet girl and guaranteed to steal anyone’s heart away.Click on her picture to see more pictures and info.

Cricket - Platinum Silver Girl

Cricket – We never bred Cricket, but she is so beautiful that I wanted to keep her on the site! This little girl comes from the Music Maker line.

Dixie - Liver Tan Miniature Schnauzer for Adoption

Dixie – This is our newest addition to Lonestar Farms. She is gorgeous and a rich dark Chocolate/tan color. Her name is Lonestar Farms Dixie Lullaby. We’re going to call her “DIXIE”. More pics and her pedigree will follow soon. Be watching for Dixie’s beautiful puppies in the future.

Dolly - Black and Silver Girl

Dolly – I would like to welcome “Dolly” to Lonestar Farms. She is a beautiful black & silver “phantom” female. She has a beautiful thick coat and weighs in at 6 1/2 lbs. We just can’t hardly wait to see Dolly’s puppies in the near future. Pedigree and more info. to come soon on her.

Emma - Salt and Pepper Girl

Emma – This is “LoneStar Farms Charmed I’m Sure.” She is 7lbs and Salt & Pepper colored. She has a great personality, seldom ever barks, is very calm-natured and never meets a stranger. I guess you could say that Emma loves everyone. She has a great coat that never mats. I can’t think of any greater qualities that anyone could ask for. Her babies are small and they have the same great qualities!  Visit her page for pedigree and more pictures.

Retired Salt and Pepper Girl

Fannie – This pretty girl is LoneStar Farms Music To My Ear, aka-Fannie. She is Salt & Pepper colored and has produced gorgeous babies like Raquel and Amos and many other really nice heavy coated puppies (some on the Photos pages). We loves those laid back, easy going puppy temperaments that our Fannie produces.

Gentri - Liver Pepper Girl

Gentri – Gentri is a classy Liver pepper girl with lots of Liver Parti and Liver/Tans in her background. Gentri weighs 7 lbs. and has a beautiful soft coat and super personality. We are proud to have her as part of our breeding program. Thank you Teresa Eames for this super nice girl. We love her very much.



Haley - Black Parti Girl

Haley – This is Haley, Lonestar Farms gorgeous Black Parti girl, born of Jubilee and Bucky. She has a very sweet disposition and nice thick soft coat. Can’t wait to see her beautiful babies in the near future! I expect she’ll mature at 8-9 lbs.



Hannah - Retired White Girl

Hannah – This gorgeous girl is Hannah or “Lonestar Farms Picture Perfect.” She has a tremendous coat and super nice personality. She is a puppy born of Lonestar Farms Lickety Split (Pinky) and Music Maker’s Puff Daddy (Pooh Bear). Her mature weight is 8lbs. We look forward to raising puppies from this gorgeous girl. She will carry for white and chocolate and maybe parti.


Hottie – Meet, “Hottie” or Lonestar Farms Hot On Your Heels. Exquisite Liver Parti female. Hottie may not ever make it to breeding size, but I want the world to see how pretty she is. Of course, she runs the house and is first in line for treats, kisses and all. She demands attention first and you KNOW SHE GETS IT! Hottie’s parents are Mariah and Champ. We are fine with Hottie just being our spoiled little girl!

Jolene - Liver Parti Girl

Jolene – Meet “Jolene”. Jolene is a dark Liver parti with heavy ticking. She is out of Oklahoma lines, but came to us from the Music Maker kennel. We are proud to have Jolene with us. We couldn’t ask for a sweeter girl. Another very well socialized and loving girl.

Jordan - Black and Silver Parti Girl

Jordan – LoneStar Farms’ Supercoated Black & Silver Parti Girl – WOW!! IS RIGHT! Meet “JORDAN”. Beautiful supercoated Black & Silver Parti. Exceptional, exceptional, in every way!

Joy - Liver Female

Joy – This is Joy, “Lonestar Farms All Jazzed Up,” our chocolate (liver) colored girl. Such a character! We love her sooooo much!

Jubilee - Black Female

Jubilee – This is Jubilee, “Lonestar Farms Dream Maker.” Future mom at Lonestar Farms. Quiet, well-mannered black girl with an excellent disposition and beautiful thick coat. Click on my picture for more pictures and pedigree.

Juliet - Liver Parti Girl

Juliet – This is Lonestar Farms Fringe Benefits or as we call her “Juliet”. She is a beautiful Liver Parti girl that has matured at 7 1/2 lbs. Her parents are Gretchen and Champ. See Juliet’s page for more pics, pedigree and info.

Lacy - Platinum Silver Female

Lacy – This is “Lacy”, our Platinum Silver toy sized female. Lacy is a gorgeous platinum silver 8 lb female. Good-natured, quiet girl that never meets a stranger. Loves everyone! Lacy is producing beautiful puppies with the same qualities.


Libby – This is Libby or “Lonestar Farms Liberty Belle.” She is a super girl with lots of personality, stocky build and a really nice coat. Libby is AKC registered as black and finished at 11.5 lbs. Her parents are both under 10 lbs. and her dad comes from 6 generations of dogs under 10 lbs. Libby’s first litter of puppies were all small.

Mariah - Chocolate Female

Mariah – Mariah “Lonestar Farms Moment of Grace” Mariah is 7 1/2 months old in this picture and weighs 8 lbs. She and Joy have the same parents from the “Music Maker” line.

Melody - Liver Parti Female

Melody – This is Melody, a gorgeous Liver Parti female. Melody nice super coated babies. She comes to us from the Music Maker’s kennel. She is a sweet, very well socialized girl.

Mia - Salt and Pepper Female

Mia – We call this beauty, “Mia”, pronounced MeeYa. She is Salt & Pepper colored and should finish growing at 8-9 lbs. This girl is supercoated and full of personality. Lots of small dogs in her background and all colors.

Micki - Salt and Pepper Female

Micki – Micki is a gorgeous, supercoated Salt & Pepper female. She weighs in at 10 lbs. Her personality is outstanding and Micki never meets a stranger. Not only is she the icing on the cake, her puppies have the same great qualities. See our girl “Star” in this same section. Star is a Micki baby all grown up.

Mocha - Salt and Pepper Female

Mocha – Below are some great pics of Mocha. Click on her picture to go to her page and see more pics.

Panda - Salt and Pepper Female

Panda – Panda is an 8 lb. Salt & Pepper female. She has a silky coat and has gorgeous super coated babies. Pedigree and more information to come on Panda soon.

Pinky - White Female

Pinky – This is Pinky, “Lonestar Farms Lickety Split.” She is a born white female with the best personality and disposition anyone could ask for! Pinky carries for Chocolate and has a gorgeous thick coat. Click on her picture for more pics and pedigree.


Princess – Meet Princess. She is white chocolate colored and 7 lbs. She is daughter of Gin Gin (retired 7 lb liver pepper) and Champ (now retired 9 lb wheaten parti). All babies in the past have been supercoated. See our colors page “liver pepper parti” example – a cute little Princess female.

Sassy - Salt and Pepper Girl

Sassy – Sunshine Farms Sassy, or “Sunshine Farms Sassafras” is a 9lb Salt & Pepper beauty who is thoroughly energetic and full of life. Sassy’s first litter was born in the late Summer of 2007. Sassy is full sister to Fanny and carries the Liver Parti gene.

Sassy - Black and Silver Girl

Sassy – Sassy is a gorgeous black & silver girl that weighs 7lbs. She has had beautiful black/silver and an occasional white puppy in the past and has produced the Teacup or micro-mini size. All her puppies have had terrific coats and super personalities, just like her. You’ll be seeing more Sassy puppies in the future here at Lonestar Farms.



Schatzi - Black Parti Girl

Schatzi – Schatzi is a beautiful black parti TOY sized female. Schatzi is 8 lbs and full of love. She is very square and compact with a nice coat. She is a daughter of Gretchen and Champ and will carry for all colors.

Star - Liver Pepper Female

Star – LoneStar Farms Thank My Lucky Stars; aka, “STAR”. She is a Toy sized, super coated Liver Pepper female that is such a joy to be around and so funny. We are expecting Star to be in the 7 lb range at maturity. She will most likely produce smaller puppies with heavy coats in ALL colors. More to come on this little girl soon.

Suzie Q - Salt and Pepper Girl

Suzie Q – This is Dancer’s Embrace (Suzie Q), our black & silver girl. Suzie is 13 inches tall and weighs 14 lbs. She is a daughter of Roxy & Bucky. Suzie is quiet and very well mannered. We’ve really enjoyed raising her.

Sweetie - Salt and Pepper Girl

Sweetie – This is Sweetie, “Lonestar Farms Heart’s Desire.” She is our elegant salt/pepper girl that weighs 8 lbs. Sweetie is the daughter of Sophie and Bucky and is considered a “toy schnauzer.” Click on her picture for more photos and pedigree.


Truly – Meet Truly, “Lonestar Farms Truly An Investment.” This little girl is super coated and carries for all colors. She was a birthday gift from me to my husband, Jeffery. They are like two peas in a pod and inseparable. We are expecting “Truly” to be in the 7-8 lb range at maturity. More to come on this beautiful girl. Thank you Connie Singley for such a wonderful puppy.

Windy - White Chocolate Female

Windy – “They Call The Wind Mariah”; aka “WINDY”. 7 lbs of PRETTY!!!! Windy is a white chocolate colored Schnauzer or some call her coloring White w/Liver Points. Her nose/pads are brown and she has breathtaking hazel colored eyes. This little girl is really sweet and definitely a “Licker”. She loves everyone! You may want to click on her name and visit her page to see more photos.