Roxy - Black and Silver Miniature Schnauzer PuppyI have had the hardest time trying to think of the perfect words that would portray our gratitude to Lonestar Farms and the joy that this little puppy has brought to our lives. First off, I want to say to those who are contemplating getting their own Lonestar Farms miniature schnauzer puppy, to DO IT with absolutely no hesitation. Yes, I myself, am very hesitant about purchasing things over the Internet and would’ve “said” I wouldn’t want to buy a dog I’ve never met, but as a first time buyer from Lonestar Farms I will say I have found my schnauzer breeder for life!!!From the purchasing process to the delivery, everything was so simple and easy!

As a person who has owned numerous schnauzers before, from other breeders, I can definitely say that there is a difference in Katherine’s puppies…Roxy came with the best temperament, loving, laid back, and wanting to please personality – and all that at only 8weeks old! Plus, the look of her dogs is far and above any others, good square build and beautiful soft thick coat! I will also say that Katherine, as a breeder and as a person is sweet, honest, and knows her stuff!

What is even more important to know, is that I have never actually met her in person, but I can say all this with confidence just by the way she treated mine and my husbands tragic heartbreak….my pride and joy, my toy schnauzer, Izzy (who did not come from Lonestar Farms) was only six years old and like a daughter to me, jumped off our couch and severed her spinal column which led to her unexpected death. To say the least, I was beyond grief stricken thinking I had lost the best dog I would ever have, for forever!!

My husband called Katherine and told her our story and she was so much help and showed true heartfelt concern in helping us to heal our broken hearts and in 1 week, we were picking Roxy up at the Atlanta airport.I must say, that was a fun experience all in itself! We chose to have someone fly with her, because, personally, I didnt feel safe with her flying in cargo and Cynthia, who flew with her, was just as sweet as Katherine!

Black and Silver Miniature Schnauzer Puppy

I will admit, after having Roxy for only two weeks, she has already healed my heart so very much. There will always be a special place in it for Izzy, but thanks to Katherine, I have tremendous hope that I now hold in my lap “the best dog I’ve ever had”, Roxy!!!!!

I have included some pictures of her; we can’t go anywhere without her stopping people, oooohhing and awwwing over her, and she just eats it up!! I will continue to send you pics every so often to keep you guys updated.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Lonestar Farms, you have replaced streaming tears of sadness with joy and happiness in my life! I cannot wait to spend the future with this special little girl! :))

With biggest thanks, Andy and Chastity from Georgia

Black and Silver Miniature Schnauzer Puppy

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  1. Hi – we met you in Laguna- Xorro and we all loved Roxy – keep in touch !! Karin Levi – Laguna Beach CA

    • Karin….glad you found the website;). We loved zorro aswell…we have talked about him several times about how sweet and gentle he was yet oh so BIG! Pretty giant schnauzer!!

  2. Dear Andy and Chastity,

    I just read your comments/letter and I want to thank you so much for such a sweet testimonial.
    I teared up just reading it. It truly makes all the hard work worth it to know that we have brought such joy and happiness into your home.

    Occasionally, I still have people that don’t trust and I guess for good reason. There are so many bad breeders out there that are lying and ripping people off.

    Not too long ago, I had a breeder take one of my pictures off my website and said it was her dog. CRAZY!!!!
    Anyway, thanks again and give Roxy a kiss for me.
    Need to close for now.

    Katherine Reed

    • Katherine we have had Roxy 1year as march 20, 2014 and she just gets better and better and we love her more and more! She just flew with us across country to California….she sat in my lap the whole way peering out the window! She is such an easy dog!! Roxy has stopped so many people while out here and we have had to tell them where they can find a dog just like her, of coarse schnauzerlover.com!! I will send you some pics of Roxy very soon; she is such a pretty girl!:)))

      • Chastity,
        We loved her pics so much, we put her on our home page. Had to crop the balloons off though.
        Thanks again for the pictures and the nice testimonial.
        Take care,

  3. I like Eli the boy and like Dolly) also like Tulsa ) how much does Marquis weight????? like her too…..
    Annie how much does she weight now????? all gorgous dogs for sure…… Schnauzers are the BEST DOGS
    on the World to me nothing like a schnauzer as u already know…………
    Is rainning here a drizzly day 47* here at Dexter, MO………. have a great evening girl…….Linda lou

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