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New Black and Silver Girl Added to Breeding Crew!

Lonestar Farms is happy to announce that “Malibu” has been added as member of our amazing breeding crew. She is a heavily coated black and silver female toy sized schnauzer. WELCOME MALIBU! More to come on [...]

Vidal – Supercoated Black & Silver Male

Meet Vidal! This is our new supercoated Black & Silver male. He is part of our “new” breeding crew here at LoneStar Farms. An exceptional male in every way. Produced only by the best! Pedigree coming soon.  Click on [...]

Chantilly – Black and Silver Female

Meet Chantilly! Meet Chantilly. Another beautiful hand picked girl for our “new” breeding crew line up. Chantilly is Black & Silver in color and finished at 7 1/2 lbs. Beautiful coat and overall awesome girl. Chantilly [...]

Tulsa – Black and Silver “Phantom” Girl

Meet Tulsa! “Lonestar Farms’ Western Wishes” Meet LoneStar Farms Western Wishes. Gorgeous black/silver “Phantom” female in a tiny size. This girl matured at 6 1/2 lbs. Her parents are Brazil (black 10 lbs) and Gabe (6 [...]

Eli – Black & Silver Teacup Male

Meet Eli! “Lonestar Farms No Holds Barred” This perfect little angel is coming of age for breeding. He is the best of the best and we are very proud to introduce him to you. He is [...]

Tattoo – Retired Teacup Black and Silver Male

Meet Tattoo! “Lonestar Farms’ Tea for Two”Retired Tattoo is our tiny teacup Black & Silver boy. His registered name is Lonestar Farms Tea for Two, but we call him, “Tattoo”. This little guy is full of [...]

Sassy – Black and Silver Girl

Meet Sassy! Lonestar Farms Black & Silver Toy Female We welcome “Sassy” to Lonestar Farms. Sassy is a gorgeous black & silver girl that weighs 7lbs. She has had beautiful black/silver and an occasional white puppy [...]

Jordan – Black and Silver Parti Female

Meet Jordan! Lonestar Farms’ Supercoated Black & Silver Parti Girl Retired WOW!! IS RIGHT! Meet “JORDAN”. Beautiful supercoated Black & Silver Parti. Exceptional, exceptional, in every way! I am hoping Jordan makes it to 7lbs. Click [...]

Dolly – Black and Silver Phantom Female

Meet Dolly! I would like to welcome “Dolly” to Lonestar Farms. She is a beautiful black and silver “phantom” female. She has a beautiful thick coat and weighs in at 6.2 lbs. We just can’t hardly [...]

Riley – A True Joy!

Hi Katherine, I just wanted to give a short update. Little baby Riley is doing great. He seems to have adjusted very well. We are potty pad training him and he is starting to actually go [...]