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Lily Turns Two Years Old!

Hi Katherine, Sending you an update on Lily The Adventure Dog. She just turned 2 but is still acting like a one year old minus the naughty stuff.  She amazes me every day with her love [...]

Nina – Barn Hunt Champ!

Hi Katherine!   I just got Nina’s new title certificate from her new Barn Hunt title and today she earned another Barn hunt title!!! She earned her novice level title today!   To achieve this title [...]

Lily Turns One Year Old!

Hi Katherine, Can you believe Lily is a year old? (pictures and video below)  I cannot!  We didn’t spend one night apart in the first year.  I love this little angle.  She has finished growing I [...]

Lily Turns 7 Months Old!

(See Lily’s One Year Old Update Here) (See Lily’s Two Year Old Update Here) Good Sunday Morning to you Katherine, Lily turned 7 months yesterday.  I cannot believe how time has flown with the little Angel in [...]

Cheyenne – Supercoated Black Girl

Meet Cheyenne! Cheyenne has a sweet, charming personality and sports a dark, dark black supercoat. She is a daughter of Brazil and Henry. She is part of our new breeding crew. We are looking forward to [...]

Sweet Lily: Outdoors Dog!

Hi Katherine,   Lily will be 6 months old at the end of the month.  She’s a little over 7 lbs now.  So sweet and smart.  She went on her first wilderness hike yesterday and has [...]

Black Jack – Spunky Black Puppy with White Markings

Katherine, I just wanted to write and give an update on the puppy that we adopted from you last weekend. We have named him B.J. (short for Black Jack due to his coloring). He has become [...]

T.J. – Retired Black Male

Meet T.J.! Lonestar Farms’ Retired Black Male Retired This is TJ. TJ is black, 6 lbs and has a very sweet personality. He is an outcross to our bloodlines. TJ carries the gene for liver, parti [...]

Schatzi – Black Parti Toy Female

Meet Schatzi! Lonestar Farms Black Parti Toy Female Schatzi is a beautiful black parti TOY sized female. Schatzi is 8 lbs and full of love. She is very square and compact with a nice coat. She [...]

Rocky – Black Toy Male Miniature Schnauzer

Meet Rocky! Lonestar Farms Black Toy Male Rocky is a black toy weighing 7 pounds. He is cute as a button and produces really nice babies. Height: 10 inches, Weight: 7 pounds. Click on pictures below [...]