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Ripley – Supercoated Black and Silver Girl

Meet Ripley! Meet “Ripley”. She is a daughter of our “Mickie and Baxter“, who are retired now. Ripley is a gorgeous, black & silver colored female that is 7 lbs. She sports that desirable supercoat and [...]

Clyde – Supercoated Liver and Tan Male

Meet Clyde! Clyde is son of London and Jonesy. He is a Liver/tan male with a mega coat. I’m expecting him to finish out at 7 lbs. Exceptional disposition and outgoing personality. We are looking forward [...]

Neon – Breathtaking Black and Silver Female

Meet Neon! We are excited to include this breathtaking Black and Silver female in our breeding crew. Her mother is Platinum Silver and her father is Liver/Tan. Super nice coat and wonderful disposition. More to come [...]

Brie – Lonestar Farms’ Black & Silver Girl

Meet Brie! “Lonestar Farms’ Seasoned Finale” Meet “Brie” or Lonestar Farms Seasoned Finale’. This little girl is the best of the best! Black & Silver and soooo much coat. She has a very outgoing personality as [...]

Star – Supercoated Liver Pepper Female

Meet Star “Lonestar Farms’ Thank My Lucky Stars”ADOPTED! LoneStar Farms Thank My Lucky Stars; aka, “STAR”. She is a Toy sized, super coated Liver Pepper female that is such a joy to be around and so [...]

A.J. – Lonestar Farms’ White Teacup Boy

Meet A.J. “Lonestar Farms Envy Of My Friends” Little boys don’t get any better than this. Super coated, square build, white teacup schnauzer weighs in at 7 lbs. AJ is considered a teacup sized male. A.J. [...]

Demi – Lonestar Farms’ Liver Female

Meet Demi! Take a look at this beautiful girl. Her name is “Demi”. We have hand picked several of our best puppies for our “new” breeding crew. They just don’t get any better than this.┬áDemi has [...]

Chloe – White Toy Schnauzer

Meet Chloe! “Lonestar Farms Best of Two Worlds” This mild mannered princess is ALL that! Sweet-natured, calm and a coat to die for, this girl never meets a stranger. Chloe is WHITE with Chocolate points. We [...]

Jessie – Supercoated Salt & Pepper Female

Meet Jessie! “Lonestar Farms Social Butterfly” Meet LoneStar Farms Social Butterfly; aka, Jessie. She is a mega coated Salt and Pepper female with that classy look and personality plus. Her dad is “Baxter” and mom “Jasmine”. [...]

Malibu – Black & Silver Phantom Female

Meet Malibu! Lonestar Farms Black and Silver Female Meet “Malibu”. Elegant black & silver “Phantom” with tons of coat. We welcome Miss Malibu to our “new” breeding crew bunch and look forward to her puppies in [...]