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Princess – White Chocolate Girl

Meet PrincessADOPTED! Princess is white chocolate colored and 7 lbs. She is daughter of Gin Gin (retired 7 lb liver pepper) and Champ (now retired 9 lb wheaten parti). All babies in the past have been [...]

Demi – Lonestar Farms’ Liver Female

Meet Demi! Take a look at this beautiful girl. Her name is “Demi”. We have hand picked several of our best puppies for our “new” breeding crew. They just don’t get any better than this. Demi has [...]

Windy – Gorgeous White Chocolate Female

Meet Windy! “Lonestar Farms’ They Call The Wind Mariah” “They Call The Wind Mariah”; aka “WINDY”. 7 lbs of PRETTY!!!! Windy is a white chocolate colored Schnauzer or some call her coloring White w/Liver Points. Her [...]

Shorty – Dark Liver Colored Male

Meet Shorty! Lonestar Farms Dark Liver Colored Male Meet “Shorty”. He is a Micki/Cash baby in a deep dark liver color. He is mega coated and has finished at 8 lbs. Shorty has a very outgoing [...]

New Liver Colored Girl Added to Breeding Crew!

Lonestar Farms is happy to announce that “Brooklyn” has been added as member of our amazing breeding crew. She is a supercoated liver colored female toy schnauzer. WELCOME BROOKLYN! More to come on this wonderful girl [...]

Brooklyn – Liver Colored Female

Meet Brooklyn! Lonestar Farms Liver Female Meet “Brooklyn”. Super nice Liver colored female. Brooklyn is supercoated and the most well behaved girl. She has that classy look that turns heads. She is very comical and keeps us laughing all [...]

Mariah – Lonestar Farms Liver Tan Girl

Meet Mariah! “Lonestar Farms Moment of Grace” Retired Mariah is 7 1/2 months old in this picture and weighs 8 lbs. She and Joy have the same parents from the “Music Maker” line. Click on the [...]

Joy – Lonestar Farms’ Retired Liver Female

Meet Joy! Lonestar Farms’ Chocolate (Liver) Female Retired This is Joy, “Lonestar Farms All Jazzed Up,” our chocolate (liver) colored girl. Such a character! We love her sooooo much! Click on pictures below for larger images [...]

Gringo – White Chocolate Boy

Meet Gringo! Lonestar Farms’ White Chocolate Male We would like to introduce “Gringo”, son of Amber and Alex. We are expecting him to mature at about 6 lbs. An exceptional little guy who is the center [...]

Dixie – Dark Chocolate and Tan Female

Meet Dixie! Dixie has retired and has moved to her new home. A gorgeous and rich dark Chocolate/tan color. Her name is Lonestar Farms Dixie Lullaby. We’re going to call her “DIXIE”. More pics and her [...]