: ' liver & tan'

Roxie – Supercoated Liver and Tan Girl

Meet Our Beautiful Roxie!“Lonestar Farms’ Rockin’ Your World” Roxie was born here at LoneStar Farms to her parents; Liza and Shorty. She is full of energy, but settles right down when she is in your lap. [...]

Lincoln – Toy Sized Liver and Tan Male

Meet Lincoln! Lincoln is a Liver/tan male on the smaller side. Most likely he will make it to about 7 lbs. Lincoln comes from a completely different bloodline. He is┬áreally sweet and loves everyone. Lincoln’s mother [...]

Dixie and Chanel Available for Adoption

We have decided to retire our Dixie and Chanel and we are placing them up for adoption to a great home! For more information, please contact me at lonestarfarms@msn.com, or you can call me at the [...]

Lola – Liver and Tan “Phantom” Female

Meet Lola! “Lonestar Farms Can’t Steal My Happy” Presenting “LoneStar Farms Can’t Steal My Happy”, aka “Lola”. Lola is a beautiful supercoated Liver & Tan “phantom”. Her parents are Lolita and Gringo.┬áLola steals the hearts of [...]

Razor – Megacoated Liver & Tan Male

Meet Razor! “Lonestar Farms Raise Your Glass” We want to give a big Texas welcome to LoneStar Farms Raise Your Glass or “RAZOR”. He is a mega coated Liver & Tan male. Sweet-natured, playful and super [...]

London – Lonestar Farms Liver Tan Girl

Meet London! Lonestar Farms Liver & Tan Girl Meet, “London”. Gorgeous Liver & tan “phantom” supercoated female. London is a Nicki/Gringo baby. She is full of personality and all that everyone would want. Might better put [...]

Liza – Dark Liver and Tan Female

Meet Liza! Lonestar Farms Dark Liver & Tan Girl Liza is a very heavy coated, dark Liver & Tan girl that is full of personality. Liza was a Christmas gift “2008” from my husband, Jeffery. I [...]

Levi – Lonestar Farms’ Liver Tan Boy

Meet Levi! Lonestar Farms Liver and Tan Boy This is the little guy you’ve been waiting to see! Introducing, “LEVI” to Lonestar Farms. He has the ideal flashy Liver & Tan markings that everyone is trying [...]

Javier – Liver and Tan Phantom Male

Meet Javier! Lonestar Farms Liver & Tan “Phantom” Male Say hello to, “Javier”. Javier is a gorgeous supercoated Liver & Tan Phantom male. He is a son of our Liza and Alex. You may never find [...]

Harley- Lonestar Farms Liver and Tan Male

Meet Harley! “Lonestar Farms Hidden Talent” This is Harley or “Lonestar Farms Hidden Talent”. Harley is liver/tan colored and finished at 8 1/2 lbs and has a super personality. He sired his first litter in April [...]