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Lola – Liver and Tan “Phantom” Female

Meet Lola! “Lonestar Farms Can’t Steal My Happy” Presenting “LoneStar Farms Can’t Steal My Happy”, aka “Lola”. Lola is a beautiful supercoated Liver & Tan “phantom”. Her parents are Lolita and Gringo.┬áLola steals the hearts of [...]

Javier – Liver and Tan Phantom Male

Meet Javier! Lonestar Farms Liver & Tan “Phantom” Male Say hello to, “Javier”. Javier is a gorgeous supercoated Liver & Tan Phantom male. He is a son of our Liza and Alex. You may never find [...]

Dolly – Black and Silver Phantom Female

Meet Dolly! I would like to welcome “Dolly” to Lonestar Farms. She is a beautiful black and silver “phantom” female. She has a beautiful thick coat and weighs in at 6.2 lbs. We just can’t hardly [...]

Annie – Black & Silver Phantom Female

Meet Annie! “Lonestar Farms Talk O’ The Town” Annie is a super flashy Phantom (black & silver) female. She has a very nice thick coat and is full of personality. We are very lucky to have [...]