: ' salt & pepper'

Paris – Salt & Pepper Mega-coated Girl

Meet Paris! Paris is a daughter of Panda and Razor. Paris was carefully selected for our breeding crew and we look forward to watching her grow into adulthood. She is Salt & Pepper in color and [...]

Beautiful Bailey!

Katherine, Just letting you know my Live Pepper puppy, Bailey is a beautiful 10 pounds. So very sweet and a charmer. I Love her more each day. She is a year and 3 months old here. [...]

Must Read: An Adoption Story

The Story of Ellie Mae Hello, My name is Emily K. and I have the pleasure of calling one of your puppies my own. I can’t believe it has taken me this long to write to [...]

Falling in Love with Bailey

Katherine, Bailey is adjusting very well to her forever home. She is cuddly and follows me everywhere. I am falling in love. She even comes to me when I call her name already. Thank you Katherine [...]

Sophie in Her Pretty Pink Dress

Hi Katherine, SOPHIE has the most beautiful coat! We just took Sophie for her last set of shots and Rabies today , she weighed 6.8 # at 4 months old. SHE IS VERY SMART. She go’s [...]

Jessie – Supercoated Salt & Pepper Female

Meet Jessie! “Lonestar Farms Social Butterfly” Meet LoneStar Farms Social Butterfly; aka, Jessie. She is a mega coated Salt and Pepper female with that classy look and personality plus. Her dad is “Baxter” and mom “Jasmine”. [...]

Elaina – Lonestar Farms’ Supercoated Salt/Pepper Girl

Meet Elaina! “Lonestar Farms Captivating My Audience” Meet ” LoneStar Farms Captivating My Audience” aka, Elaina. Exquisite young lady shown here during her afternoon romp in the yard. Elaina is a supercoated Salt/Pepper female that is [...]

Cami Belle – Smilin’ for the Camera

Hi Katherine, This is our sweet Cami Belle at 3 1/2 mos. old. Her parents are Suzie Q and Champ. Katherine, you REALLY know your stuff! We asked you for a puppy that would weigh under [...]

Zeppelin – Salt & Pepper Teacup Male

Meet Zeppelin! Lonestar Farms’ Salt & Pepper Teacup Male Lonestar Farms welcomes, “Zeppelin” to our Breeding program. Zeppelin is considered a Teacup sized Schnauzer, although he is AKC registered as a Miniature, only because there is [...]

Tango – Sunshine Farms Salt & Pepper Boy

Meet Tango! “Sunshine Farms’ Tango in Paradise” This handsome Salt & Pepper male tops the scale at 9lbs. He is the sweetest guy, so comical and intelligent. We couldn’t ask for a better boy. He is [...]