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Zeppelin – Salt & Pepper Teacup Male

Meet Zeppelin! Lonestar Farms’ Salt & Pepper Teacup Male Lonestar Farms welcomes, “Zeppelin” to our Breeding program. Zeppelin is considered a Teacup sized Schnauzer, although he is AKC registered as a Miniature, only because there is [...]

Tango – Sunshine Farms Salt & Pepper Boy

Meet Tango! “Sunshine Farms’ Tango in Paradise” This handsome Salt & Pepper male tops the scale at 9lbs. He is the sweetest guy, so comical and intelligent. We couldn’t ask for a better boy. He is [...]

Sweetie – Retired Salt & Pepper Female

Meet Sweetie! “Lonestar Farms’ Heart’s Desire” Sweetie is our elegant salt/pepper girl that weighs 8 lbs. Sweetie is the daughter of Sophie and Bucky and is considered a “toy schnauzer.” Click on her picture for more [...]

Suzie Q – Retired Salt & Pepper Female

Meet Suzie Q! “Lonestar Farms’ Dancer’s Embrace” Suzie Q is our black & silver girl. Suzie is 13 inches tall and weighs 14 lbs. She is a daughter of Roxy & Bucky. Suzie is quiet and [...]

Sassy – Salt and Pepper Girl

Meet Sassy! “Sunshine Farms Sassafras” Sassy is a 9lb Salt & Pepper beauty who is thoroughly energetic and full of life. Sassy’s first litter was born in the late Summer of 2007. Sassy is full sister [...]

Panda – Gorgeous Salt and Pepper Female

Meet Panda! Lonestar Farms Salt & Pepper Female Panda is an 8 lb. Salt & Pepper female. She has a silky coat and has gorgeous super coated babies. Pedigree and more information to come on Panda [...]

Mocha – Salt and Pepper Female

Meet Mocha! Lonestar Farms Salt and Pepper FemaleRetired Below are some great pics of Mocha. Click on each one to see larger images. Click on pictures below for larger images         Mocha’s Pedigree [...]

Micki – Supercoated Salt and Pepper Female

Meet Micki! Lonestar Farms Salt and Pepper Female Micki is a gorgeous, supercoated Salt & Pepper female. She weighs in at 10 lbs. Her personality is outstanding and Micki never meets a stranger. Not only is she [...]

Mia – Dark Liver Parti Female

Meet Messina! Lonestar Farms Salt and Pepper Female Retired We call this beauty, “Mia.” She is Salt & Pepper colored and should finish growing at 8-9 lbs. This girl is supercoated and full of personality. Lots [...]

Lolita – Lonestar Farms Salt and Pepper Girl

Meet Lolita! Lonestar Farms Salt & Pepper Girl Meet Lolita. This gorgeous supercoated Salt/Pepper girl is exceptional in every way. We have added her and a couple of other Salt/Pepper girls to our breeding crew, due [...]