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Razor – Megacoated Liver & Tan Male

Meet Razor! “Lonestar Farms Raise Your Glass” We want to give a big Texas welcome to LoneStar Farms Raise Your Glass or “RAZOR”. He is a mega coated Liver & Tan male. Sweet-natured, playful and super [...]

Tattoo – Retired Teacup Black and Silver Male

Meet Tattoo! “Lonestar Farms’ Tea for Two”Retired Tattoo is our tiny teacup Black & Silver boy. His registered name is Lonestar Farms Tea for Two, but we call him, “Tattoo”. This little guy is full of [...]

Tango – Sunshine Farms Salt & Pepper Boy

Meet Tango! “Sunshine Farms’ Tango in Paradise” This handsome Salt & Pepper male tops the scale at 9lbs. He is the sweetest guy, so comical and intelligent. We couldn’t ask for a better boy. He is [...]

Paulie – Breeding Crew Guest Appearance

This is “Paulie” from Music Maker’s Kennel [...]

Denver – Lonestar Farms’ Liver Parti Male

Meet DenverADOPTED! This Liver Parti male is quiet and good natured. Never barks and just kind of a laid back guy. He sports a huge supercoat. All of his babies are supercoated also. Denver is sire of our [...]

Shorty – Dark Liver Colored Male

Meet Shorty! Lonestar Farms Dark Liver Colored Male Meet “Shorty”. He is a Micki/Cash baby in a deep dark liver color. He is mega coated and has finished at 8 lbs. Shorty has a very outgoing [...]

Rocky – Black Toy Male Miniature Schnauzer

Meet Rocky! Lonestar Farms Black Toy Male Rocky is a black toy weighing 7 pounds. He is cute as a button and produces really nice babies. Height: 10 inches, Weight: 7 pounds. Click on pictures below [...]

Nike – Tiny Black Miniature Schnauzer

Meet Nike! Lonestar Farms Tiny Black Boy Retired We are pleased to introduce our little “Nike”. He is tiny, solid black and has a terrific coat. You can see his big sister “Bianca” below. Nike’s parents [...]

Angus – Breeding Crew Guest Appearance

This is “Angus” from Music Maker’s Kennel aka; “Music Maker’s Wooley Bully” [...]

Led Zepplin – Breeding Crew Guest Appearance

This is “Led Zepplin” from Music Maker’s Kennel [...]