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Sicily – Black and Silver Supercoated Girl

Meet Sicily! “Lonestar Farms A Thousand Wishes” Meet LoneStar Farms A Thousand Wishes. Aka; Sicily. She is a daughter of Brie and Razor. Sicily has a great personality and is considered Black/Silver in color and weighs [...]

Peewee – Liver and Tan Teacup Male

Meet Peewee! “Lonestar Farms Dream Boat Baby” Peewee is a sweet teacup sized Liver/tan teacup boy. He has an enormous coat and is producing some fantastic babies. Peewee is 4 lbs and is the son of [...]

Stevie Ray – White Teacup Male

Meet Stevie Ray! Stevie Ray is a tiny white teacup sire. More to come!  Click on pictures below for larger images   Stevie Ray’s Pedigree(coming soon) [...]

Clyde – Supercoated Liver and Tan Male

Meet Clyde! Clyde is son of London and Jonesy. He is a Liver/tan male with a mega coat. I’m expecting him to finish out at 7 lbs. Exceptional disposition and outgoing personality. We are looking forward [...]

A.J. – Lonestar Farms’ White Teacup Boy

Meet A.J. “Lonestar Farms Envy Of My Friends” Little boys don’t get any better than this. Super coated, square build, white teacup schnauzer weighs in at 7 lbs. AJ is considered a teacup sized male. A.J. [...]

Alex – Lonestar Farms’ Black & Silver Boy

Meet Alex! “Lonestar Farms Black Tie Affair” Alex’s registered name is “Lonestar Farms Black Tie Affair.” Alex is already producing some amazing supercoated babies in all colors. Alex is black & silver (Phantom) and carries for ALL colors [...]

Jonesy – Supercoated Dark Liver Parti Boy

Meet Jonesy! He is our precious dark liver parti supercoated male. A baby produced by Dixie and Paulie. Jonesy is very intelligent and has beautiful green eyes. You’ll see more of this handsome male in the upcoming year. We [...]

Lincoln – Toy Sized Liver and Tan Male

Meet Lincoln! Lincoln is a Liver/tan male on the smaller side. Most likely he will make it to about 7 lbs. Lincoln comes from a completely different bloodline. He is really sweet and loves everyone. Lincoln’s mother [...]

Vidal – Supercoated Black & Silver Male

Meet Vidal! This is our new supercoated Black & Silver male. He is part of our “new” breeding crew here at LoneStar Farms. An exceptional male in every way. Produced only by the best! Pedigree coming soon.  Click on [...]

Hollister – Blue Merle Miniature Schnauzer

Meet Hollister! “Lonestar Farms Cauzin A Rukkus” Hollister is BLUE MERLE in color. He is not AKC registered, nor will any of his puppies be AKC registered. He has his own registry, which all of his [...]