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Cash – Supercoated White Male

Meet Cash! “Lonestar Farms’ Show Me the Money” Meet “Cash” or Lonestar Farms Show Me The Money. This gorgeous super coated guy is just what we’ve been waiting for. He was made special, by his parents, [...]

Razor – Megacoated Liver & Tan Male

Meet Razor! “Lonestar Farms Raise Your Glass” We want to give a big Texas welcome to LoneStar Farms Raise Your Glass or “RAZOR”. He is a mega coated Liver & Tan male. Sweet-natured, playful and super [...]

Presley – Supercoated Black Female

Meet Presley! “Lonestar Farms Love Me Tender” Meet “Presley” or Lonestar Farms Love Me Tender. Gorgeous, well built, black and supercoated! What more could you ask for? Personality? She’s got that, too! Presley is a daughter [...]

Picasa – Gorgeous Supercoated White Female

Meet Picasa! “Lonestar Farms Paint Me Stealing Kisses” Meet “Picasa”, LoneStar Farms Paint Me Stealing Kisses. Beautiful supercoated White female. Picasa is considered a White Chocolate or White with liver points, since she has brown nose [...]

Micki – Supercoated Salt and Pepper Female

Meet Micki! Lonestar Farms Salt and Pepper Female Micki is a gorgeous, supercoated Salt & Pepper female. She weighs in at 10 lbs. Her personality is outstanding and Micki never meets a stranger. Not only is she [...]

What is a Super Coat?

By: Katherine Reed Back to Articles and Stories (Images below) For those who are not quite familiar with the ‘Super Coat’ or what is referred to as ‘Tons of Coat’. The pictures below show white puppies [...]

Indianna – Black Supercoated Female

Meet Indianna! Awesome black supercoated female. She has the best personality and super friendly. You’ll definately want one of her fine babies. See her daughters, “Demi and Marquis” on the breeding crew page. Not too many [...]