Lonestar Farms’ Customer Testimonials

Below is a collection of testimonials we have received from our past customers. We appreciate all the kind words and stories. It’s always great to hear that our little angels have ended up in a great home with a wonderful family.

For photo testimonials, checkout our Photos page.


Our sweet girl Bailey is doing great. She has come to school with me the last couple of days and is so careful with the Special Needs kids in our classroom.

Coming to see all of your dogs was a real treat. You can tell by the way they are taken care of that all of them are loved. My extended family have all had Schnauzers for years and I have to say that Bailey is one of the most beautiful Schnauzer puppies I have ever seen. You can tell that you have spent many years perfecting the small size, temperament, and conformation of your dogs.

Her tiny 2 pound size does not mean that she is a wimpy dog. She took over our classroom and the other class dog like she owned the place. How can such a small dog have such a big personalty? Thank you so much for out sweet girl and for all the care you take in raising Schnauzers. You are definitely an asset to the breed.

Thank you,

Ann “


“Dear Katherine,

Our dear Bella is now 4 years old and is 6lbs and the most beautiful well adjusted, precious girl!

It may sound silly but she is the love of our lives and goes to work everyday with me…… She is officially our company mascot.  She will sit in my lap for 2 hours just snuggling in my lap…. We have clients who want to hold her and she just looooves be cuddled.

I am looking forward to another Lonestar pup in a few years when I retire.

Your devotion to breeding and raising these precious pups is the most generous, and profound endeavor I can imagine.

Congratulations to you and your staff for producing such healthy and well adjusted pups.

I can not even begin to share Bella is the most adorable and well adjusted dog we have ever had.  I truly can not imagine life without her.

Alice Busch”


“Hi Katherine,

Well Lily is almost 14 weeks!  Hard to believe I’ve had her in my life for only a month.  She continues to surprise me.  She is so smart.  Uses the dog door now (has been for about 3 weeks).  She sits, shakes, lays down and sits up.  No accidents in the house, loves her crate whether it’s at bedtime or for “re-setting” when she’s a little wild child.   🙂  She is great on a leash but we haven’t started proper leash training yet..

She has her last round of puppy vaccines is next week and I can’t wait to take her out and about.  She’s scheduled for her spa day end of the month.  She’s made everyone fall in love with her when I have taken her out in her front back pack.  She is so loveable and sweet.  People think she is a Schnauzer/Poodle with all the hair.  When it’s nap or bedtime and she’s had enough, she follows me around real slow and I know that’s her que for me to pick her up and hold her so she can fall asleep.  She is starting to become somewhat independent and self entertaining.  She sometimes spends most of the afternoon on the deck in her bed lying in the sun.  I’ve taken 1300 pictures and a ton of videos!  So much I can’t download the latest software on my phone.

She’s so mellow and calm.  When she’s at work with me, she isn’t afraid of the airplane noises, or the commotion of people coming and going.  I am over protective of her, when I cannot watch her, she’s in her play pen or on my lap.  I  sweep and vacuum before I let her roam around as there are 17 messy (mostly men) employees that live and eat here.

I cannot thank you enough Katherine for Lily.  I love hearing the paws on the wood floors again.  I bought a new house for Lily and Mr. Furrgus the Cat.  We’re moving next month.  🙂  No old dog memories!

Thanks again Katherine,

Michelle M.”

Lily is a Brazil/Henry puppy



Every day we realize how blessed we are to have sweet, sweet, darling Samson in our lives. He is so precious and so amazing. Samson is so well behaved, so loveable and has the most dynamic personality I have ever seen.

Thank you so much for all the hard work you and your team put forth in raising these amazing puppies.

We get sooooo many compliments about how cute and adorable Samson is from so many. In fact when we are out on a walk he turns heads. When strangers meet him it is instant love. They say, that is the cutest puppy I have ever seen. It is true.

Thank you for everything. We continue to treasure our baby. Just when we think we can’t possibly love him anymore, we do. 🙂

Do you remember how scared I was to have a puppy? Oh my, I can’t imagine life without him.


PS. When we say it is ‘nighty night time’.he runs and jumps on his bed so eager and ready for his vitamin. He loves that vitamin. Thank you for the nighty night idea, too.”


“Hi Katherine,

Gerry & I want to tell you that we are thankful for you and Lonestar Farms and the wonderful opportunity to enjoy Nikki……she is a gem…..and she makes us smile daily. We wish you and your family a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving.

Also, since Gerry continues to talk about London and seems to have a bond that formed in just one visit, I’d like to ask if we can be the first people you call if you ever decide to retire her. I know that’s a long way off.

Again, thanks for all you do and have and enjoyable holiday with your family.

Sandy & Gerry Adcock


“Hello Katherine!

I just wanted to update you on one of your puppies that I purchased from you back in Jan, 2011!

Snicker Doodles is doing wonderful!  I have to tell you that the little liver/pepper puppy I got from you has the sweetest disposition I’ve ever seen on any animal, mine or others, handsdown!!! He has the ‘just right’ on everything!  He can snuggle up when I need to sleep or rest, he lets me love all over him when I get the urges, he can play and take walks with me, or he can be a “crazy doodles”, as we call it!, when he wants to.  As you know I am disabled with neuropathy and I wanted a special little schnauzer that would be able to match me as best as possible.  Well, he is more than I ever thought to get!  I fell in love with him when he was first placed in my arms!

I received him in excellent condition and health, and I am so impressed with the personality and disposition of my little “doodles”, as we affectionately call him. I’ve included some pictures for you. A few are the “first” pictures, then later on a warmer day just after he was groomed. I really loved his puppy cut, but the groomer didn’t hear puppy cut. he looks so grown up with the full schnauzer cut. He weights about 12.9lbs right now. Thank you so much for the perfect dog!!

Now I think I might be ready to get him a companion. I saw today that you have a “Miniature Liver/tan male, young, supercoated and dark chocolate. No papers-$500”. Could you send me a picture or two of this little guy? What size do you think he’ll be, etc.

I so love the parents Snickers came from and without digging out his papers, I can’t recall their names. Would you have any more litters from his parents coming up?

Debbie N.”



My daughter and I met Diane and our puppy at Logan Airport yesterday afternoon. We immediately fell madly in love with him. What a beautiful little boy he is. And so very sweet. He loves everyone he meets and everyone loves him. I can’t tell you how many people stopped us to tell us how beautiful he is. He has the best personality! He is already settled in. I’m amazed at how he easily he made himself at home.

Diane was wonderful; you can see she cares very much for the puppies she delivers. She was very helpful, too, but I feel just awful at the way I behaved. I’m usually very hospitable; however, once I got ahold of our little puppy I forgot she was even there! I never even asked if she was going to be alright or if she needed directions. That is very unlike me. We were oblivious to anyone or anything other than Baxter

She told us about their trip to MA and how she was holding him on her lap and someone asked his name (everyone who saw him oohed and awed over him). She paused and said, off the top of her head, “Baxter.” She told us she didn’t know where that came from. After my daughter and I left Diane, we laughed because we had gone through every name we could think of trying to name him and Diane delivers the puppy AND the perfect name for him. He looks like a Baxter. I never would have thought of that name and it is perfect for him. So the next time you see Diane, please extend a sincere and heartfelt thank you from me for both Baxter and his name. 🙂

I will send pictures when I can tear myself away from him long enough to find my camera.

Thank you,

Janet K.”


“Dear Mrs. Reed,

My dogs and me we are so happy with our little baby Maximus. I took him to the vet and all is perfect. Tomorrow we are starting our first doggy training!

He is adorable and I would like to thank u…he is every inch what u said he was ( : thanks for ur honesty !! …not everyone is like that! I am going to send u a picture of him and me for u to have ( :

He is so gorgeous that every night I look at all ur brown ones since I am still dying for one!!!


Natalia B.”


“Hi Katherine,

I think I have talked my brother in to buying a puppy for his wife. I love my puppy from you so much and my sister in law has back trouble and is home all the time. Do you have a female that will be around 6 pounds that will be available soon? My Bailey is 5 1/2 months (6 pounds) now and she is turning out to be the best companion for me and for the disabled kids at school here in College Station. I am still taking her with me everyday and the children especially with autism adore here and come and look for her everyday. She will be a puppy with me but will be totally gentle with them. We are going to obedience class and will be working for her Therapy Dog certificate soon. Thank you for raising such great dogs!

Thanks, Ann Lipscomb.”



Thank you so much for taking care of Mia’s AKC paperwork for me. I really appreciate all of your help. Mia is the BEST dog I have ever had, and I am so grateful for the wonderful establishement you are running.

Mia is truly a special pup and brings me much joy. I am on your website weekly and assure you I will come to you if I decide to get another dog! Thank you again for everything.

Warm regards,

Trista H.”



“Hi Katherine,

I just wanted to send you an update on the 2 blue merle girls I purchased from you in August.  

I’ve named them Crimson (half black face) and Clover.   They are absolutely wonderful, I couldn’t be happier with them both!  At this point they look like twins (and inseparable); most people can’t tell them apart.

They are incredibly smart!   You can see both working things out but thankfully they don’t show signs of occasionally being stinkers.  They have made training look easy, and with a little patience they have come a long way in a short time!    They are 95% housebroke, come when called, sit and do tricks for treats, jump into their pen when told.   Know to leave the plants in the yard/house alone, even know the difference between their toys and my shoes and what areas of the house are off limits.  They still need occasional reminders but overall I am amazed how fast they seem to want to learn!  The only thing they are struggling with is the flap on the doggy door.  At first they were too tiny to push it open so I pinned it up for them.  Once I put it down Clover has no problems pushing it open, Crimson on the other hand doesn’t like the flap.   The only way she will go thru is when Clover comes to her rescue and pushes it open and they go thru together (too cute!).  They are VERY lovable and irresistible to want to spoil!  

Definite water babies!  Anything resembling water (to include mud) they are into it.  I have to put them in their pen when the sprinklers turn on unless I want them soaked and muddy.  

I will update with pictures in the next few weeks.  They were recently groomed, I think I got the groomer in training; my girls look more like tiny Dalmatians than Schnauzers.

They love to go for walks and everyone asks me if their coloring is real.   Makes me giggle, so now when people ask me (being so close to Halloween) I tell me no it’s their Dalmatian costume.   The first time I took them to the Vet the gal behind the counter asked me if I made a mistake and wrote down the wrong coloring.  I told her ‘no’ and then asked if they came in any other color than blue?  The entire staff had to come take a look since they had never seen or heard of blue merle schnauzers.

Everyone falls in love with them and they are becoming well socialized pups!

I wasn’t sure I could/would add more dogs to my household when I lost my 2 boys in March of this year (mini schnauzer 14 and 15 years old).  

I had been watching your website for awhile, inquired about one of your adult dogs but wasn’t convinced I would add another dog to my family.  Then I spotted the blue merle pups.  Took me a bit but their coloring grew on me and I am so glad I contacted you!

Thank you!!


Tucson, Arizona”



I just love my my little boy! He is just perfect! He is as sweet as he is handsome!

The flight was on time. He looked so cute. I could not wait to take him out and hold him!

He seems to be adjusting fine, my family loves him! Everyone comments on his on beauty

and his very sweet personality!

He went to my vet last night who thought he was perfect!

I cannot tell you how happy I truly am with him! I am so happy I found your website!

Your dogs are simply GORGEOUS! You have been so patient and so sweet to talk with.

I am still working on a name for him hopefully I will have one soon.

Thanks again for everything I’ll talk to you soon.



“We recently celebrated ziggy’s second birthday and I wanted to thank you for ziggy He is Mr. Personality: He is so loving, fun, playful, connected, and adorable!!!! He is an amazing therapy dog, bringing joy and comfort to many clients He is absolutely spectacular and I look forward to the near future getting another puppy from you.

With gratitude,

Judy Kramer, West Virginia”



I hope you received my email on Saturday that Samson arrived on time and in perfect condition.  Here is a photo of him.  He is soooo happy and sooo precious.

Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into raising him and mostly potty training him.  He is perfect.  I struggle to find enough words to describe him and then I settle for perfect.  He is social, well behaved, polite, asks to go out to go potty and has not made any mistakes in the house.  He I just amazing.  Thank you so much for all you have done.  We love him and cannot stand to be away from him for even a fraction of a second.

I just wanted to let you know, again, he is here safely and loving life.  J  He is playing with his duckie that he just cherishes.  J

Talk to you soon.

Susan, Denver, CO”


“Hi Katherine!

Just wanted to let you know that things are going extremely well. I cannot believe how well mannered and gentle this boy is. He is truly the perfect child’s pet! He is so calm and quiet. He is very cautious with our daughter unlike my other schnauzer – the bulldozer! We are really enjoying him 🙂 My husband couldn’t believe he came with so much extras, because he said that is kind of unheard of but unique. We appreciated the gifts you sent us!

Seeing as he came with a coffee cup, we decided we are going to register him as “LONESTAR FARMS Bailey’s Irish Cream” and call him Bailey. His chocolate markings remind me of that liquor because it’s nearly the same color, so it seemed to fit. I did notice on his papers there was not a signature for permission to use your kennel’s name on his registration. Is that going to matter if I submit it like that? I was just wondering.

Thanks again for our sweet little boy, we are absolutely in love with him and I enjoyed our trip out to the country to meet you as well!

Lisa S.”


“Hello Katherine,

I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how Milo is doing.

The kids adore him, and he is such a sweet pup, we can’t thank you enough.He has so much energy, I forgot how much a energy a puppy can have. He is just like a baby, he is afraid to be alone or when he thinks he’s alone. It’s too funny! He is already playing fetch with my son and he is also walking on a leash.

Again, thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to have such a wonderful puppy in our lives.

Gloria B.”


“Just writing to say that my baby boy had a checkup the other day and all is well with him.

I just looked on your homepage and seen that checkers has been retired. No chance he would be for sale? Im looking for a playmate for cj. I think checkers was my baby boys daddy?

If not for sale I understand. Have a nice thanksgiving. You do a great job on raising exceptional schnauzers. thanks again!!.

James M, Cadiz, KY. “



Just wanted to let you know we got Harley home and he is doing great!!  I am so excited about his potty training..he is doing so great at it..My granddaughter tried to steal him from me when she saw him on Sunday.. I have attached some pics that we took of him.

I have already got him registered for his AKC papers and his microchip and his vitamins ordered…I still need to take him to the vet tomorrow.

Thank you so much for everything!!

Mary Q .”


“Dear Katherine,

Well 4 years have gone by and our babies are growing up. They are darling and loveable,and of course beautiful. We love them dearly and can’t imagine not having them.

Than you again for raising such beautiful and healthy dogs.

Best Regards,

Laurie & Ed R.

Marina del Rey,



“Hi Katherine,

Hope you and Jeffrey are doing well.

Galvaughn is adjusting to our home quite well. He is running around and seems to be totally enjoying himself. He follows me everywhere. So far the pee pad is working. He really loves his toys. I keep some downstairs and he has some upstairs depending on where we are in the house.

He is really a sweet little fella.

We took him to the vet on Saturday and the vet said he is in great shape.

But she stressed not to take him outside until he gets his next three booster shots.

With regards,



“Katherine, Just wanted to let you know that driving 14 hours to pick him up was well worth it. He has been the most amazing buddy we could even ask for. Thank you for everything.

Jamie O.”


“Hi Katherine, went to the vet today and all is just fine. She wanted to bring him home, along with everyone else in there…lol. He is eating and chasing the others in the house. Slept all night from 10 to 6:30 this morning. He especially loves Jazz, they play the whole time he is out. Even climbs in the bed with him. Too cute!!

I am thinking on calling him Lonestar Farms Cajun Chunk of Coal, and nicknaming him Cole. Since he is so dark.

Thanks so much for such an awesome boy. He has the cutest prance to his walk.

Later, Patrice.”


“Hi Katherine,

I just want to let you know that puppy is doing well .

We are in love. Kids are playing with him and he enjoys

any stick in our backyard 🙂 He is gorgeous . We officially named

him REX .

I am amazed how well socialized he is and he doesn’t

show any distress . One more thing which surprised me is the

fact that he never peed or pooped inside the house. Thank you

for such a wonderful dog . I’ll send you pictures when I will be

able to take them 🙂 he moves all the time .Please thank Cynthia

for bringing him to us .

God bless you




Sophie (Liza/Alex baby-you have her online under her moma’ pics) is @6lbs , cute and tiny just like we wanted her to be…with loads of beautiful black coat!  Ruby (Mariah/Chester) is just soooo smart-Christina has taught her so many tricks!  She is so pretty and finished at @7 lbs soaking wet! Not a big coat, but we love the chocolate color  The one thing that I stress when I tell people about you and your puppies is that they are all so well socialized, sweet and loveable…the whole process of getting a puppy from you is so smooth and easy…it is such a pleasure to talk about you and your wonderful puppies.  Let me know about the Liza/Alex puppies!

Talk to you soon,



“Hi Katherine,

I wanted to thank you for showing us around your kennel on Saturday, we had so much fun! Our puppy is just adorable and such a love. Rachel named him on the way home so he is now known as Mac. He quickly took charge of the house hold, the older dogs we have were quite intimidated by his presence. He sleeps in Rachel’s bed with her and is already quite protective as he growled when I opened her door this morning.

Darla M.”


Hi Katherine,

It’s been a while since I’ve contacted you, but I wanted to send you these 2 pictures of Shadow!! (Parents: Hannah/Amos)

Shadow will be 4 years old next May 26th, and he just gets more beautiful by the day! I know I’ve send you other pictures in the past, but I wanted to include these 2 pictures that I feel show how amazing and beautiful he really is!

He is the love of my life!!! He is not only beautiful, but sweet, gentle, loving, playful and soooooo very smart!! What else can I say?? I never knew it was possible to love this much and I can’t imagine my life without him and I will always be grateful to you for bringing this sweet boy into my life! Please post these pictures. I am so proud of him and I want everyone to see him!




Hi Katherine,

Been wanting to send you some pics of Izzy !!!
Grabbed camera while out in the yard…
wind blowing crazy today!
I could not have asked for anything more
Exactly what I was wanting !!
I weighed her a month or so ago and 3.10
She has the tiny pixie face and head
perfect coat… perfect color… perfect size !!
Oh did I say she was PERFECT !!!   LOL
I am sooooooo in LOVE with this girl its crazy!
Thank you for being RIGHT ON !! with what she would mature into !!
She is a scavenger though drives me nuts !!  she comes in with something in her mouth every time !
She has two tiny shihtzus as buddies !
Thanks again !!!!!!!

Kathy L.


Hi Katherine 🙂

Phoebe is such an awesome puppy! She is sooo cuddly and laid back:) We love her! Thank you for being so patient with me!

I was Very Nervous buying online! Thank you for making this experience a great one!

Have an awesome day 🙂



“Hello Katherine!

Just wanted to send you a message and thank you for our little Holliday! She’s made such a wonderful addition to our family and everyone just loves her. My parents consider her their first “grandchild” and love to spoil her as well.

Hollie also gets along very well with their mini-schnauzer Lucie. They have doggie play-dates every week. Hope you’re doing well!
Take care!
Julie Clark”



Every day I am thankful I came across your website 6 years ago!  Doesn’t seem like it’s been that long. Cleo, my Choxie/Baxter baby, is just the love of my life!   She is a joy and pleasure to have.

I recently rescued a Schnoodle puppy and she had been the best big sister and enjoy now having someone to play with!

I do have to say that the runs you have for the litters are my new bet friends as she was the EASIEST to potty train and Gizmo is SO FRUSTRATING!  They are so cute together and I love them dearly!

I just wanted to say thank you once again for your help in picking the right little girl for me!

Patti B.


“Hi Katherine

Just wanted to let you know our girls Mariah, Ginger, and Oreo are doing great. Mariah is 9 and The little sisters turn 4 this week.

We couldn’t love them more. Your pups are the best and they make us so happy!

Mariah snuggles with her Oreo, so happy she can retire here. She is so content. She is my shadow. I’ve never had a dog so devoted to me.

Thanks for breeding top quality pups. They are the best.

Shelley in Upstate New York”


“Hi Catherine,

I just want u know what Lily does:
1) she loves attacking riches plant. It’s pretty high of the floor. She plays tug a war with the big leaves! She has killed 4 of the leaves.  I laugh cuz it’s not my plant. It’s not poisonous.
2) she loves playing the flying squirrel. She flies through couch to couch and to end table. If she wants something she will get it.
3) I drink large ice coffees. I usually put them down on the floor. Well she loves when I’m not looking and she grabs the straw out and takes off. So I started putting it on my end table once again when I’m not looking and jumps up on the table and grabs the straw and runs. Now when I get my ice coffees I grab extra straws when no one is looking.
4) I learned never put flavor water on the floor with out a top on it. Cuz she will knock it over with her paw so she can lice it up.

I could go on and on. But I don’t get mad at her cuz she is so funny and sweet. And so loveable. She definitely fits in with my family. My kids and grandkids love her. But I think I love her more. She has such a great personality. Thanks again for picking lily
out for me.”


“Hi Katherine!!

Hope you are doing well. I want to take the opportunity to thank you once again for allowing us to adopt our little munchkin. We name her Osita, which is little bear in Spanish. Although she’ll never be big, she sure is fluffy.

She is now 4 months old and is weighing just 3 pounds. She is going to be a little one and we are in heaven. As I had told you previously, she adapted immediately. Her personality is incredible. She is loving, playful and energetic. She loves to give kisses and nibble on the kids’ earlobes. Her color is beautiful and has remained black. She really is astonishing. I’ve attached a couple of pictures for you to see how adorable she is turning out.  The one with the bandana was on the day of her first grooming with us.

Thank you once again for her. I have a feeling that we’ll be in touch again soon since I’m getting the itch to get her a little partner in crime.

Frances O.”



I don’t know if you remember us, my wife Susan and I (Patrick O’Brien) drive up from Boerne (either late June / early July) and took possession of 2 puppies – 1 salt/pepper and 1 “liver”.

 Just wanted to follow up with you.

These pups are the best! Super friendly and loving! We are very glad we took both – they are the very best of friends and entertain each other – so they are never alone.

Just wanted to let you know that we are very pleased and they are very happy!

Thank you again,
Patrick & Susan O.”


“Hey Katherine ,

Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for this precious baby girl. We named her Hemi . We fell in love with her on the spot and she is a dream come true . I can’t express my appreciation enough and how much she has lifted my spirits already . Thank you for raising such a beautiful girl and for all you have done to get her home to us safely .

We promise you she will definitely be loved and spoiled.

Again, thank you for our Hemi . She is a gift from God and a true blessing . Jon was holding her last night and one of our cats jumped up on his recliner and Hemi went to growling and barking at her and me and Jon got so tickled and said , well – she can definitely hold her own with the kitties . Lol.  

Sincerely,  Sandi”


“Hi Katherine!

I just wanted you to know how much we love Solomon!!! He is the cutest freaking thing ever!! He is a perfect match for our family!! Your service amd promptness was so amazing!! I literally had a puppy in 2 days!! People who see him fall in love immediately!!!

Thank You So much!!

I’ll send pics just wanted you to know how happy we are with your service and puppy!!  




10 years ago, I got my little Annie from you. She is my little love. She has no health problems, never had. She has been through all PetSmart training and just begun the click r trick classes. She loves to learn.

Her adult weight is 9lbs, 6oz. But Annie and I want her to have a little brother or sister. I’m thinking a small teacup. My question to you is would a boy or girl be best for Annie to be able to accept? She is friendly to some dogs, but not all. Will it make a difference in the sex?

My heart is set on having another of your beautiful puppies. Please help.

Thank you,
Sherry G.”