By: Katherine Reed
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For those who are not quite familiar with the ‘Super Coat’ or what is referred to as ‘Tons of Coat’. The pictures below show white puppies that are litter mates.

As you can see, they have totally different coats, both have very soft coats, but one has the raved about ‘Super Coat’ and one has a nice regular Schnauzer coat.

The pros and cons of having a super coated puppy/dog or a regular coated puppy/dog:

#1 Super coated puppies have to be groomed more often than the regular coated puppies, since their hair grows faster.

#2 They require more brushing to keep the coat maintained and free of matts.

#3 The super coated puppies will bring more snow in your house with those large cottony coats.

More on the way!

Below: “Regular” and “Super Coated” puppies.
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Super Coated Puppies

Supercoated Puppies

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