What Is A “Phantom” Miniature Schnauzer?

In the last few years, a new term has evolved when referring to a black and silver miniature schnauzer. The term is “phantom” but a lot of people don’t understand what this means when referring to the miniature schnauzer breed.

A “phantom” miniature schnauzer is simply a black and silver miniature schnauzer that has a very strong contrast between its black and silver colorings. With a little imagination, they look a little bit like a phantom.

Not all black and silver miniature schnauzers are phantoms, but all phantoms are black and silver. The difference lies in the contrast between the black and silver colors. If the color difference is gradual or mixed, then it is simply a black & silver, but if the line between the two colors is sharp and the silver is very light-colored or white, then it is a phantom.

Typically, all black and silver miniature schnauzers, whether they are phantom or not, have a generally black coat with silver or white coloring around the nose, eye brows, chest and legs. On a “phantom” schnauzer, the difference in color is simply more stunning.

Here is a picture of a typical black and silver miniature schnauzer followed by an image of a phantom miniature schnauzer.

Black and Silver:

Vidal - Black and Silver Miniature Schnauzer

Phantom Black and Silver:

Neon - Black and Silver Miniature Schnauzer

You can see the difference in the images above. The phantom miniature schnauzer is simply a black and silver miniature schnauzer with sharp lines between the black and very light silver or white coloring – some people simply call this, “flashy.”

We usually have phantom schnauzers available for sale on our miniature schnauzer puppies for sale page. If you do not see one there and you are interested in bringing one into your family, contact me and we’ll talk about our upcoming litters or possibly breeding a pair that has produced phantom miniature schnauzers in the past.

What is a “phantom” schnauzer? Now you know!

If you’d like to make a comment or let us know about your experience with a black and silver miniature schnauzer, use the comments section below. We’re always ready to hear great stories about this amazing breed!

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  1. Is breeding between a black and silver male with a salt a pepper female, possible? What is the color of the offsprings then? Is a phantom schnauzer produced by that breeding? Thank you.

    • Yes you can breed the salt and pepper and the black and silver together. When it comes down to what colors you will get, it’s all in genetics. You will need to have a pedigree on each dog to see what colors are back there. You have to have chocolate on both sides to get chocolate and white on both sides to get white. You never know what gene that particular dog will pick up.

      If there is only standard colors of black, black and silver, and salt and pepper that is all you were going to produce

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